Monday, January 9, 2012

Swooning and Bicycles and Goodbyes

Okay.  I’m still working over at the new blog ( but it takes me forever to figure out how to post there and I still have no idea how to add pictures.  So for the  next few days, I’ll continue to post here while getting everything figured out.

I was hoping to be able to work on the new blog “off line” so that everyone wouldn’t see all my ridiculous attempts at layout and color choice and blog theme but alas, that doesn’t seem to be possible. So whenever you pop on over to just remember that it is very much a work in progress and I currently have no idea what I’m doing.

Okay?  Okay.

Here are a few final pictures from Nathan and Meagan’s Christmas visit.

On Christmas Sunday, we gave our Worship Team the morning off; Steve and I were just going to lead the music ourselves but then Nathan and Meagan volunteered to help and we had us a pretty good little band goin’ on!
christmas2 2011 249
christmas2 2011 254

Here are the “Smith Kids” leaving the church after service.  I have no idea what Nathan and Meagan were up to but they were obviously doing their usual good job of having a good time—whenever, wherever.
misc small camera nate and meg 064
Our favorite son.  Meagan said she positively swoons when she looks at  this picture.  She is a veritable Swoonin’ Smith!christmas2 2011 285christmas2 2011 288
During their visit, we celebrated Meagan’s 24th birthday one week late.misc  nate and meg visit 030
The Hawley family always does amazing centerpieces for their family members’ birthdays and I was feeling the pressure to put together something lovely.   Imagine my happiness when I made a quick swing through the thrift store and found these sparkly things for next to nothing. It’s not quite Hawley-esque but it was pretty good for having been put together by a non-center-piece-making woman.
misc  nate and meg visit 032
It was Meagan’s first chance to wear the famous Smith Birthday Hat. Doesn’t she look excited?
misc small camera nate and meg 100
Following the birthday meal, Nathan jumped right up to dishes.  I love me a dish-doing man.
misc  nate and meg visit 046
Every time Nathan and Meagan have come home, we’ve all gone on a bike ride. Usually their visits coincide with cold weather so we always have a little competition to see whose cold weather outfit can be the most . . . um . . . interesting.
misc small camera nate and meg 072
Halfway through the ride, I forced the kids to dismount their bikes and pose for a picture or two.  They sighed patiently and did as they were bid.
misc small camera nate and meg 082misc small camera nate and meg 087
A couple days later when it was time for The Leaving to occur, the weather had warmed up so nicely Meagan was quite comfortable in a dress and sandals.  Love this NC weather—from freezing to balmy, all within hours.

She is making her sad face in this picture because it’s time to leave for the airport.
nate and meg leaving 003
Why does this child always insist on leaving after every visit?  I just don’t get it.
nate and meg leaving 007
Airport good-byes . . .
nate and meg leaving 015nate and meg leaving 017nate and meg leaving 018
. . . and they were gone.
nate and meg leaving 020
Taking our hearts with them.