Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flash Mobbin'

I love these flash mob things because you just can't help but smile when watching them. This one features a Christmas song; its starts slow and mellow and gets really fun and funky by the end of it.

Someday I think it would be fun to be in a flash mob.  Maybe Sarah, Steve and I could go down to the local McDonalds, seat ourselves in random places and at a certain, secret signal, all leap up and burst forth into song.

Or not.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Miss My Memory The Most. And Some Waterfront Photos.

You know how they say that when you get a little older (like almost fifty. like me.) your memory becomes a little less than . . . shall we say . . . stellar?

Well, I think I’m there. 

How do I know that?  Let me count the ways.

Well, actually, let me count just
one way.  

This morning I saw some pictures in a folder on my computer and despite staring at them for the better part of a few minutes, I could not for the life of me recall if I had already posted them.  Part of my diminishing brain thought that I had posted them, but when I scrolled through some recent entries I didn’t see them.

And since the part of my (diminishing) brain that said I had
not posted them won out, I am hereby posting them forthwith.

If you’ve already seen these pictures and it turns out that the confused part of my brain won this particular memory clash?  Please don’t mention it.  Just let me stay blissfully unaware and ignorant of the fact that I’m re-posting pre-posted pictures.

Or not.

marsh's light 10-7-11 001

marsh's light 10-7-11 011

marsh's light 10-7-11 015
marsh's light 10-7-11 020
marsh's light 10-7-11 031
marsh's light 10-7-11 035

marsh's light 10-7-11 082
marsh's light 10-7-11 091

marsh's light 10-7-11 138
marsh's light 10-7-11 158
marsh's light 10-7-11 167
marsh's light 10-7-11 175
marsh's light 10-7-11 114
Here’s that same picture (one of my favorite ones I’ve ever taken) with a little extra editing.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: One Certain, Shining Moment


sarah collage
meg collage

A brother.  (And husband-to-be and brother-in-law to be.)
nate collage






All getting ready . .

for one. . .

certain  . . .

shining . . .


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Brag Table (Because A Good Stolen Idea Is Still A Good Idea)

One of my favorite bloggers is Jon Acuff. Besides the fact that he’s a pastor’s son (hurray for pastor’s kids!) he’s profound, wise, and funny, many times all at the same time. 

A few weeks ago he wrote this post about A Brag Table and not only did I love it a lot, I also loved the comments that the post received.

Because basically?  He gave every one of his readers a chance to brag a little.  About themselves. 

And it didn’t matter if someone said, “I was the emcee for the Harlem Globetrotters” or “I just managed to bake my first edible loaf of bread,” every single brag was welcome.  And I loved it.  I loved reading words by people who took the chance to throw modesty to the wind (for a change) and mention things they were proud of.

So today?  It’s your turn.  It’s time for my wonderful Smithellaneous readers to chime in and share one (or two or three) things you’re proud of.  I’ve included a few sample comments from Jon’s blog to give you the basic idea and jump start your thinking (and bragging) process.

1. I just got my first apartment!  I'm learning to be a grown up! 
2. I acted really well in a play I was in! 

3. I rebounded after a mental breakdown last year. I chose not to go back to the stressful job, but have instead begun writing about the whole ordeal with the hope that I can help others avoid such a situation (mainly caused by stress and overwork). I have produced 2 eBooks and working on another! 

4. I am a new mom to a 2 month old who has been through the ER, NICU, thrush, feeding probs, allergies and reflux... And I proud to have made it through the first two months because they have been the hardest and most glorious of my life! 
5. I got out of bed today.  No scoffing.  It was a major accomplishment.  MS has been kicking pretty hard lately.
         6. I won over thirty trophies for soccer when I was in elementary    
       school! Seriously, I did.
7. Last week I made it to all of my college classes, did all my homework, worked as a tutor for elementary school kids, and started a new side business! I've never felt so accomplished- I did all that despite my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome! 
8. I organize Thanksgiving dinners for 5 needy families. My Bible study group cooks, bakes, fries, and delivers everything needed for a feast. 

9. Years ago I discovered as a young mother; we were afraid to "brag"  about our husbands or our children, so we got into the habit  of complaining about them.  Finally I spoke -up and we  decided that it was okay to share positive things.I have been married 30 years. I have two children who are responsible adults with jobs. They take their Christian walk seriously. I have a challenging job that keeps me dependent on God.

Leave a brag and then come back later and see what your fellow Smithellaneous peeps are proud of.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

One More Thing. . .
One of the great things about blogging is the networking that goes on and the support that bloggers give each other.  And knowing that and trying to always do that, yesterday I still somehow managed to overlook two opportunities to do that.

Opportunity One:   When I posted our final Christmas picture in yesterday’s blog, I neglected to mention that I had sent an unedited version of that photo to Pam, a long time, loyal reader, and asked her to work her magic on it with her great editing skills.   I’ve asked her over the past several months for several little favors like that and she has always so sweet to work on my projects, even in the midst of her incredibly hectic life.  
And so I would like to say a great big public thank you to Pam and also point you to her Photography Business Website  and her blog.  Pam is a massively gifted photographer and I know you’ll love her work.  Her pictures always make me smile.
I’ve tried to convince her to come live in Manteo so she can give me photography/Photoshop lessons but for some reason she seems to feel compelled to stay in Georgia.  Sigh. 

Opportunity Two: The other person I mentioned yesterday (without posting a blog link) was Sue Guenther, a woman who has been through so much hardship and yet maintains a sparkling, vibrant, faith-filled attitude.   If you want to read some inspirational, funny, excellent writing, stop by her blog and spend a few minutes there.  You’ll leave uplifted—I promise you that.

So Pam and Sue, thanks for being such great ladies; I’m ever so happy to have you in the Smithellaneous Family.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Missing Dog

Since a couple of you signed in at the post below to ask where Snowy was in our Christmas photo, I figured I should report that Snowy is fine and dandy.  The reason we didn't put him in this year's photo is that it's harder to get a good shot because when the humans are looking somewhat passable, Snowy is usually staring straight at the ceiling.  Or yawning.  Or sniffing.  Or scratching. (Or some other dog activity.)

Since this photo is for our Christmas card, we have our picture on the front (as well as a couple shots from Nathan and Meagan's wedding) and a picture of Snowy on the back.

He will be so happy to know that you all were concerned about him!

The (Dreaded) Family Christmas Photo

So.  Raise your hand if you absolutely love taking a family Christmas photo.

Hello?  No one?

Maybe you feel more like this when you think about the whole subject? 

Actually the two of them aren’t as morose as they look.  I told them to sit down and “not smile or anything” since I was just snapping a few shots to see what the light looked like. And so?  They didn’t smile.  (Or anything.)

christmas photos  2011 006


Here are a few outtakes from our recent photo session.

christmas photos  2011 040

christmas photos  2011 041

christmas photos  2011 054

christmas photos  2011 057

christmas photos  2011 061

christmas photos  2011 095

christmas photos  2011 101

christmas photos  2011 102

And before I show you the shot we chose, I thought it would be fun to scroll backwards  in time a tad and look at some older Smith Shots.

This is the year we thought we would be radical and wear a non-Christmas color for our photo.  I mean, really.  How many families do you know who take  a Christmas photo wearing pink?  Not many, that’s who. 

Back in the day, we were really livin’ on the edge.


Here we are in a more traditional color.  This was not our final shot but since I couldn’t find the final one,  I’m just using this not-so-great one.


Do you see how I’m holding Snowy’s paw, just like he’s my own little child? Well, yeah. He is.

(His leg is shaved because he’d had an IV for his kidney stone surgery.)

_fam pix

Last year.  This isn’t the Final Shot either, but I can’t seem to find the real picture.  I knew this would be our last Christmas photo as a foursome . . .


. . . because change was in the air!   (We added a certain young lady to one of those shots even though she wasn’t yet an Official Smith.)


And finally?  Our family photo from this year.   Without Nathan.  Sniff.  But when Nathan and Meagan come home for Christmas, we’ll get a photo with the Smith Fivesome.    (Because five is a much nicer number than four—at least when it pertains to our family.)


In Other News . . .

If you’ve been reading at Smithellaneous for a year (or two or three) you doubtless recognize the name SueG as one of my most frequent (witty and wise) commenters. She’s been having a lot of health issues lately and so hasn’t been able to be at the computer as much. When the following comment came through from her this morning, it just made my entire day.  She wrote,

Stopping by again to see if there is an update on the back situation and perhaps a few photos of the church variety show.
Not yet.

So, I am hoping you feel better, that the show was magnificent, and that you will post something soon.

No pressure, huh?        --Sue

Sue, happily my back is feeling much, much better—hallelujah for a bad back transforming itself into a good(er) back.

And as for Smittys—we had an absolutely marvelous time.  Although I don’t have all the pictures together that I want to post, here are a couple to start with. 

The church auditorium before it all began.

smittys 118

A skit Sarah was in about Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

smittys 178

A musical number featuring creative dance.

smittys 300

I don’t yet have any pictures of Smitty on the bicycle but you can be assured they will be posted as soon as I get them from the other photographer.

To Sue—and to all of you—thanks for stopping by Smithellaneous today.  I appreciate you so much!