Monday, December 5, 2011

The (Dreaded) Family Christmas Photo

So.  Raise your hand if you absolutely love taking a family Christmas photo.

Hello?  No one?

Maybe you feel more like this when you think about the whole subject? 

Actually the two of them aren’t as morose as they look.  I told them to sit down and “not smile or anything” since I was just snapping a few shots to see what the light looked like. And so?  They didn’t smile.  (Or anything.)

christmas photos  2011 006


Here are a few outtakes from our recent photo session.

christmas photos  2011 040

christmas photos  2011 041

christmas photos  2011 054

christmas photos  2011 057

christmas photos  2011 061

christmas photos  2011 095

christmas photos  2011 101

christmas photos  2011 102

And before I show you the shot we chose, I thought it would be fun to scroll backwards  in time a tad and look at some older Smith Shots.

This is the year we thought we would be radical and wear a non-Christmas color for our photo.  I mean, really.  How many families do you know who take  a Christmas photo wearing pink?  Not many, that’s who. 

Back in the day, we were really livin’ on the edge.


Here we are in a more traditional color.  This was not our final shot but since I couldn’t find the final one,  I’m just using this not-so-great one.


Do you see how I’m holding Snowy’s paw, just like he’s my own little child? Well, yeah. He is.

(His leg is shaved because he’d had an IV for his kidney stone surgery.)

_fam pix

Last year.  This isn’t the Final Shot either, but I can’t seem to find the real picture.  I knew this would be our last Christmas photo as a foursome . . .


. . . because change was in the air!   (We added a certain young lady to one of those shots even though she wasn’t yet an Official Smith.)


And finally?  Our family photo from this year.   Without Nathan.  Sniff.  But when Nathan and Meagan come home for Christmas, we’ll get a photo with the Smith Fivesome.    (Because five is a much nicer number than four—at least when it pertains to our family.)


In Other News . . .

If you’ve been reading at Smithellaneous for a year (or two or three) you doubtless recognize the name SueG as one of my most frequent (witty and wise) commenters. She’s been having a lot of health issues lately and so hasn’t been able to be at the computer as much. When the following comment came through from her this morning, it just made my entire day.  She wrote,

Stopping by again to see if there is an update on the back situation and perhaps a few photos of the church variety show.
Not yet.

So, I am hoping you feel better, that the show was magnificent, and that you will post something soon.

No pressure, huh?        --Sue

Sue, happily my back is feeling much, much better—hallelujah for a bad back transforming itself into a good(er) back.

And as for Smittys—we had an absolutely marvelous time.  Although I don’t have all the pictures together that I want to post, here are a couple to start with. 

The church auditorium before it all began.

smittys 118

A skit Sarah was in about Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

smittys 178

A musical number featuring creative dance.

smittys 300

I don’t yet have any pictures of Smitty on the bicycle but you can be assured they will be posted as soon as I get them from the other photographer.

To Sue—and to all of you—thanks for stopping by Smithellaneous today.  I appreciate you so much!


16 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Nancy Irving said...

I absolutely love your christmas threesome picture, my how sarah has grown into such a fine young lady. Can't wait to see the smith fivesome christmas photo. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful christmas.

with much love,
Nancy Irving
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Lisa said...

Awww, why isn't Snowy in the picture? He is ok isn't he? (Worried now...)

Pam D said...

I love the walk down memory lane. I've been following Sarah and the Smiths since 2005 or 2006 (I get confused... !), so at least for 5 years. I got to know the amazing Sue G via Caringbridge.. so it's a little like coming home whenever I visit here. Can't wait to see the bike pics, and I love your Christmas photo!

Love Being A Nonny said...

For three years straight, our Christmas card picture was our family picture from one of our children's weddings!!!

MaryH said...

I agree with Lisa, where is SNOWY!! You have me worried here. Not to be pushy, or anything but I missed seeing him and then worried something had happened so quickly went back through a couple of posts I had missed. I don't have a computer (laptop) at home right now - lent it to someone who is recuperating from a broken ankle for 6 weeks and doesn't have a working computer at home. So, long story short (sort of), I have to do all my blog reading at work...shhhh....don't tell. I am going to have to get to Sue G.'s site - she is always in my thoughts and prayers as she has been "there" for me so many times. I need to be more vocal on her site. Love the time travel in the Christmas photos.

MaryH said...

P.S. - I have horribly painful chronic back issues so I emphasize with you completely - do you go to a chiropractor? That is the only thing that keeps my back in line (no pun intended). Hope you are better.

Anonymous said...

I so totally and even absolutely loved your Christmas photo! I really liked how Sarah's necklace repeated the colors in your blouse. I'm honored to be related to such good-lookin' people. :-)

Looking forward to the Fivesome pix w/ Snowy!

love deb

Melissa said...

This sounds crazy, but I was really struck by how much Sarah looks like a younger Christina Ricci in these new pics. Not so much now, but back when she was a few years younger she really resembles Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Becky: Have you seen the recent Purina Dog food commercial on TV where the dog is named "Snowy"? I got all excited thinking that Snowy Smith had made it to the big time and was now a TV star!! Well, TV "Snowy" was an impostor..some kinda weird poodley looking dog! Was I disappointed! This guy was not HALF as good looking as the real Snowy! I'm thinking of a boycott......Jojy

Anonymous said...

Your family photo for this year is gorgeous!

And, I love your shirt!!

Connie F-G

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