Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Brag Table (Because A Good Stolen Idea Is Still A Good Idea)

One of my favorite bloggers is Jon Acuff. Besides the fact that he’s a pastor’s son (hurray for pastor’s kids!) he’s profound, wise, and funny, many times all at the same time. 

A few weeks ago he wrote this post about A Brag Table and not only did I love it a lot, I also loved the comments that the post received.

Because basically?  He gave every one of his readers a chance to brag a little.  About themselves. 

And it didn’t matter if someone said, “I was the emcee for the Harlem Globetrotters” or “I just managed to bake my first edible loaf of bread,” every single brag was welcome.  And I loved it.  I loved reading words by people who took the chance to throw modesty to the wind (for a change) and mention things they were proud of.

So today?  It’s your turn.  It’s time for my wonderful Smithellaneous readers to chime in and share one (or two or three) things you’re proud of.  I’ve included a few sample comments from Jon’s blog to give you the basic idea and jump start your thinking (and bragging) process.

1. I just got my first apartment!  I'm learning to be a grown up! 
2. I acted really well in a play I was in! 

3. I rebounded after a mental breakdown last year. I chose not to go back to the stressful job, but have instead begun writing about the whole ordeal with the hope that I can help others avoid such a situation (mainly caused by stress and overwork). I have produced 2 eBooks and working on another! 

4. I am a new mom to a 2 month old who has been through the ER, NICU, thrush, feeding probs, allergies and reflux... And I proud to have made it through the first two months because they have been the hardest and most glorious of my life! 
5. I got out of bed today.  No scoffing.  It was a major accomplishment.  MS has been kicking pretty hard lately.
         6. I won over thirty trophies for soccer when I was in elementary    
       school! Seriously, I did.
7. Last week I made it to all of my college classes, did all my homework, worked as a tutor for elementary school kids, and started a new side business! I've never felt so accomplished- I did all that despite my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome! 
8. I organize Thanksgiving dinners for 5 needy families. My Bible study group cooks, bakes, fries, and delivers everything needed for a feast. 

9. Years ago I discovered as a young mother; we were afraid to "brag"  about our husbands or our children, so we got into the habit  of complaining about them.  Finally I spoke -up and we  decided that it was okay to share positive things.I have been married 30 years. I have two children who are responsible adults with jobs. They take their Christian walk seriously. I have a challenging job that keeps me dependent on God.

Leave a brag and then come back later and see what your fellow Smithellaneous peeps are proud of.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

One More Thing. . .
One of the great things about blogging is the networking that goes on and the support that bloggers give each other.  And knowing that and trying to always do that, yesterday I still somehow managed to overlook two opportunities to do that.

Opportunity One:   When I posted our final Christmas picture in yesterday’s blog, I neglected to mention that I had sent an unedited version of that photo to Pam, a long time, loyal reader, and asked her to work her magic on it with her great editing skills.   I’ve asked her over the past several months for several little favors like that and she has always so sweet to work on my projects, even in the midst of her incredibly hectic life.  
And so I would like to say a great big public thank you to Pam and also point you to her Photography Business Website  and her blog.  Pam is a massively gifted photographer and I know you’ll love her work.  Her pictures always make me smile.
I’ve tried to convince her to come live in Manteo so she can give me photography/Photoshop lessons but for some reason she seems to feel compelled to stay in Georgia.  Sigh. 

Opportunity Two: The other person I mentioned yesterday (without posting a blog link) was Sue Guenther, a woman who has been through so much hardship and yet maintains a sparkling, vibrant, faith-filled attitude.   If you want to read some inspirational, funny, excellent writing, stop by her blog and spend a few minutes there.  You’ll leave uplifted—I promise you that.

So Pam and Sue, thanks for being such great ladies; I’m ever so happy to have you in the Smithellaneous Family.

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Anonymous said...

I have been drug-free for 20 months today! Recovery is awesome!!

Becky Smith said...

Anon--good for YOU! Twenty months is a huge milestone. Thanks for sharing your good news.

Anonymous said...

I am proud that for 21 years I have been married to a man who is paralyzed from the neck down. I am his arms and legs for him, I take care of him 24 hours a day. I take care of all of his needs which many days leaves not much time for my needs and I do all of this because I love him, For the past 18 years we have also raised a daughter who is an awesome example of a Godly young lady. Although she was not born at the age of 18 so for many years that she required my constant care and attention, my husband also did. I am proud of my self that after saying at an alter 21 years ago, "in sickness and in health" I still love and adore this man as much today as I did that day.
Sandy (your cuz)

Becky Smith said...

Sandy, What a sweet and inspiring tribute to your husband--and also to your daughter. You all are an amazing family and I'm thankful that we share the same wonderful (and muchly missed) Grandma and Grandpa Clemmerson.

Love Being A Nonny said...

I am assuming you mean Jon ACUFF? One of my favorites..I follow him on Twitter too!

I married at 18 and am so proud to say I am still married to and in love with that same man 36 years later.

Becky Smith said...

Yes, I DID mean Jon Acuff. Where in the world did I get AVERY? :-) Thanks for pointing that out so I could change it.

Being in love with the same man for 36 years is a wonderful thing. BOTH of you are so blessed!

Melissa said...

I spent a couple hundred dollars buying toys and clothes for needy kids this past week. I'm almost completely broke until my next paycheck now, but at least they'll get something this year.

lesley said...

I'm having trouble with this assignment! Feels weird... I'll think about it and reply later-lol.

MusicGirl23 said...

I am proud that I can be there now for the people who were there for me during my mom's cancer and the grieving period after her death. Giving back feels good. And, I can say that cancer made me stronger, truly teaching me how to appreciate all those in my life, and showed me just how well God takes care of me.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud that I hosted a Christmas party at my (recently moved into) house for 34 women last week and lived to tell about it! :-) The ladies had fun and my house looked pretty--yay!

I'm also proud that I've taken a walk for three days in a row as I am generally very consistent in my inconsistency when it comes to walking.

And finally, I'm ever so proud to be able to call Becky Smith my sister!

Love you!


Sue G said...

I'm proud that, even tho it took me over 60 years to do it, I have finally changed some definitions in my life that were skewing the way I looked at the world and at my life. I now see challenges as opportunities and I no longer see situations that fall short of my expectations as failures, but rather now see them as a way to discover the success in each circumstance. Everything is a teachable moment and I am so happy that I have finally learned how to be a more inclusive and accepting student.

What used to feel like (me) being less than is now really just a lesson...for me...to grow...in God.

Becky Smith said...

Melissa, investing that money into needy kids must have made you feel like a million bucks! I can't imagine how excited they will be on Christmas when they open the gifts that you made possible. That just made me smile!

Becky Smith said...

MusicGirl, as a mom who has had cancer,I can say how much it meant to me to have a daughter who was such a strength to me through it. I know that was such a difficult journey for you and your mom before her death, but I also know you made many, many precious memories together.

Becky Smith said...

Deb, I'm proud of you, too! Of course, I'm a little offended that I wasn't invited (I mean, what's 1300 miles?) but I'm so happy that you feel settled into your new house enough to open it up to your wonderful ladies from church. I'm also proud that I get to be your sister.

Becky Smith said...

Sue, your comments are always a treasure--whether they're funny or thought provoking or inspirational, they are to be treasured.

And this one was no different. Things for being a part of my life and a part of Smithellaneous.

Becky Smith said...

Lesley, I could write a whole POST about the things you have to be proud of! :-) Looking forward to hearing what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

I am the mother of a 4 1/2 year old, 3 year old and 11 month old. I also work full time. I am proud that my house is a mess right now. Last night I resisted the urge to make my house spotless and read stories and played with my babies.

Unknown said...


Three children under the age of four? And you work full time? My hat is off to you!

And I also admire you for letting the house go a little while you spent time with your babies. Houses don't grow up; babies do. Good job!!

App Reviewer said...
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Lizz said...

I'm very proud of my 2 kids(9 & 11)!! They are amazing little people! I know they are mostly that way by the grace of God but I had to have at least a little bit to do with it right? :)

Becky Smith said...

Lizz, Our kids are a great thing to be proud of! Even though they can be inconvenient, expensive and occasionally annoying, knowing that we're having such a huge part in shaping them into the adults they will eventually be is an amazing joy.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of myself to have stood up to someone that had been emotionally abusing me for years and slowly but surely learning to love myself again. I am also proud to have earned my Black Stripe Belt and TaeKwonDo my next step is to prepare for my Black Belt.


Becky Smith said...

Anon, good for you on THREE counts! Standing up for yourself, learning to love yourself again and learning a difficult skill.

You definitely have reason to be proud of yourself.

MaryH said...

I have to brag about my daughters. One is a fabulous single mom who is raising the best boy I have ever met - he is 2 1/2 years old. My younger daughter is an accomplished competitive runner and has just changed business careers to enhance her participation in that sport. She is also a compassionate and devoted rescuer of animals and a defender of all nature. I am also very proud of my mother in Heaven. She showed us all how to be strong faithfilled women every day of her 99 years. Mom, we miss you this first Christmas without you but blessed to have had your love and presence for so many years.

Becky Smith said...

Mary, your mom gave to you the wonderful qualities you passed on to your daughters and are now being passed on to your grandson.

Yours if a family to be proud of!

Kristina in Alaska said...

I am proud of myself for having lost 56 pounds. There's more to go, but I'm learning to celebrate the middle ground in long-term projects, rather than just waiting for the finish line!

Karen said...

I've been put in charge of "engaging" the students where I work on Facebook by asking weekly questions. I'm going to do this!!

Becky Smith said...

Kristina, Fifty-six pounds! I am incredibly jealous.

But also happy to hear that you are learning to celebrate the midway points. Because what is life anyway, except for a bunch of midway points.

Karen said...

And for my bragging rights: I've been pretty much "in charge" of our United Way campaign at work for the last 8 years or so. This year our campus raised over $22,500!

Vicky Elder said...

I would like to brag that I have been married to the same guy for going on 39 years! We have two great kids married to two wonderful spouses. They have presented us with four grandchildren. I am the director of a housing authority and work daily to keep a roof over 170 families heads. Stressful job, but my family and my faith keep me on the straight and narrow.

Teresa Allen said...

I am so proud of myself for not giving up on life and on myself and also so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to be an encouragement to so many hurting people! I can't believe it has been almost TEN years that I have been puttin' on my big feathered hat and boa and making people laugh and remember that "a merry heart doeth GOOD like a medicine!"

Anonymous said...

I am most proud that I just listened when God said "Go!"

If I hadn't, I wouldn't have my beautiful little girl...and her extra chromosome would have sentenced her to life in a mental institution!

I am blessed to be her mommy.

Jannie said...

I am proud of the patience God has given me, for re-dedicating my life to HIM. I am proud of my boys and my husband.I am proud of myself because after a whole year, my AVON business is finally getting off the ground! I am also proud of myself and my husband for taking control of our health, eating better, exercising and both of us have lost a significant amount of weight! Last but not least, I am proud to be a ChIld of God!

Becky Smith said...

Karen, $22,500 is a lot of money United Way is such a good cause. I admire anyone who can draw people together and inspire them to give. And engaging students on Facebook sounds like fun1

Becky Smith said...

Vickie, being married for 39 years (and having wonderful kids and grand kids) is one of the most important and fulfilling things anyone can accomplish! And then to also know that you're making a huge difference in the lives of those 170 families is the icing on the cake.

Becky Smith said...

Jannie, how fun to see you here on Smithellaneous! (Note: Jannie attends our church.) You have accomplished a lot this year with your business, getting healthy and losing weight. (Plus raising two of the cutest boys ever.) I'm proud of you!

Becky Smith said...

Anon, I'm sure there's an incredible story behind the brief words you wrote. I loved it when you said, "I am blessed to be her mommy."

Such sweet, sweet words.

Becky Smith said...

Teresa, how fun to see your name pop up here! Yes, I would agree that you have much to be proud of and to rejoice over; you have come out of such incredible hardship and are using your gift of laughter to bring a smile to hurting hearts. Proud of you, girl!

Becky Smith said...

Angela, when I responded to your comment, I didn't notice you had signed your name at the bottom and I addressed you as "Anonymous." Sorry about that! Thanks again for leaving a comment and telling your story.

Ann Martin said...

I just wrote a Christmas letter today to go with our Christmas cards. Been planning to do that for weeks now and finally accomplished it.

Becky Smith said...

Hooray Ann for getting your card and letter out! You're doing much better than we are.

You can also be proud of being such a wonderful lady; you and Jim are a blessing to us!

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