Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Miss My Memory The Most. And Some Waterfront Photos.

You know how they say that when you get a little older (like almost fifty. like me.) your memory becomes a little less than . . . shall we say . . . stellar?

Well, I think I’m there. 

How do I know that?  Let me count the ways.

Well, actually, let me count just
one way.  

This morning I saw some pictures in a folder on my computer and despite staring at them for the better part of a few minutes, I could not for the life of me recall if I had already posted them.  Part of my diminishing brain thought that I had posted them, but when I scrolled through some recent entries I didn’t see them.

And since the part of my (diminishing) brain that said I had
not posted them won out, I am hereby posting them forthwith.

If you’ve already seen these pictures and it turns out that the confused part of my brain won this particular memory clash?  Please don’t mention it.  Just let me stay blissfully unaware and ignorant of the fact that I’m re-posting pre-posted pictures.

Or not.

marsh's light 10-7-11 001

marsh's light 10-7-11 011

marsh's light 10-7-11 015
marsh's light 10-7-11 020
marsh's light 10-7-11 031
marsh's light 10-7-11 035

marsh's light 10-7-11 082
marsh's light 10-7-11 091

marsh's light 10-7-11 138
marsh's light 10-7-11 158
marsh's light 10-7-11 167
marsh's light 10-7-11 175
marsh's light 10-7-11 114
Here’s that same picture (one of my favorite ones I’ve ever taken) with a little extra editing.

10 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Sue G said...

Something done well is certainly worth repeating. So if these are RE-appearing here, so be it. They are lovely.

And so are you. :-)

Rachel said...

I don't remember seeing those before - thanks for posting :)

Jessica Kramasz said...

And I don't recall ever seeing them before.

Anonymous said...

You have never posted them.

becky m said...

I must join the majority and say i do not recall seeing them, though you did post pics similar to these, but only similar in the sense of the water, all of the things in the pics i haven't seen. i would have remembers numbers on a post, a cross and the bench.

Anonymous said...


If it makes you feel any better...I don't remember seeing any of the pictures you just posted. And, I'm not even close to being 50 :-).

jenny said...

Well, Becky, all I can say is that my almost 52-year-old (!) brain, can't remember if you posted them either! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My nearly 50-year-old brain wouldn't remember if you posted them before anyway. :)

Gayle in AL

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