Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Unhappy Back. A Fallish Farewell. A Strange Picture.

Life has been way busier than usual these past two weeks and right on cue, when busyness increases and stress ramps up, my back throws a little conniption (not to mention a hissy fit) and forces me to hobble hither and yon like an ancient lady. I’ve taken a few muscle relaxers and pain killers and tried to take it easy during the 17 minutes per day that I have free for such glorious pursuits.

Thankfully, I’m feeling better this evening which is good because tomorrow we have our regular service in the morning followed by our annual Smitty’s Christmas Variety Show in the evening. Which I am overseeing. And playing accompaniment for three singers. And putting together the graphics and media for each act. And corralling performers. And doing a host of miscellaneous show-related things too numerous to enumerate.

Good thing I love it!

(And may I just mention that we are reprising an act from last year where Steve rides into the auditorium on a red bicycle built for two wearing red suspenders and quirky hat? And there’s a hippo on the back of the bike?  And the parson and  the hippo end up doing a little soft shoe dance up on the stage when they finally get up there?)  

Don’t you all just want to visit Manteo just in order to see that showy, Smitty-esque spectacle?

So.  Even though we are all heading speedily (and hopefully merrily) into the Christmas season, I took a few Fall-ish pictures last week that I want to go ahead and post, just so that Fall doesn’t think it’s getting booted out without at least one more appreciative glance at its loveliness.

dare challenge 393

dare challenge 396


dare challenge 407

dare challenge 409

dare challenge 414

dare challenge 422

dare challenge 428

There now!  We can all head right into the Christmas with visions of sugar plums—instead of pumpkins—dancing in our heads.

But wait! What’s this?

Why are Mr. and Miss Smith posing in such an oddly posed pose?  We may never know.  (Or then again, we may know. And we may even write about it. If anyone is interested.)

christmas photos  2011 029



3 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Jan Turner said...

Do tell!

Sue G said...

Stopping by again to see if there is an update on the back situation and perhaps a few photos of the church variety show.

Not yet.

So, I am hoping you feel better, that the show was magnificent, and that you will post something soon.

No pressure, huh?

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