Saturday, April 11, 2009

Intimidated By Newness

Welcome to a brand new post at the brand new Smithellaneous!

This fabulous blog design was a gift to me by one of our Caringbridge readers who would prefer that her name not be mentioned. I can't tell you how thankful I am for her generosity and thoughtfulness. I have a real blog! I finally feel like I'm a real grown up!

Since I'm just a tad intimidated by all the newness around here (buttons, features, add-ons, settings, etc.) this first post will not be real long. I'll probably spend the rest of the day just selecting options and seeing what happens. Hopefully I will have the sense to stay far, far away from any buttons that say, "Delete the entire blog that you have waited a month for and that your friend paid for and that your blog designer diligently labored over." I guess that would be kind of a long button but you never know--it could be out there!

I know, I know. I'm just rambling away here but I promise that I will get my focus eventually and I will be a really cool and wonderful blogger. I have actually figured out how to post videos and so you'll not only be seeing pictures here but also videos! (Well, that is if anyone in my family will allow me to video them. That's a problem that Blogger cannot help with.)

Remember that I will continue to update Sarah's Cancer Site but it won't be quite as often since I'll be doing most of the general family news here. I'm sure it will take me a little while to get my ducks in a row and figure out a new schedule for posting but I am very much excited about it all!

Since you're here today, you are among the first people to see the new site! If you want to make my heart very happy, sign in and let me know who was here on the first day.

Okay, now that I'm done typing I am going to have to figure out how to actually post this entry. Without erasing the entire blog. Or setting off the fire alarm. Or causing black outs in Los Angeles.

I'm sure you can tell that my technical confidence level is at an all time high.

Okay. Here I go. I'm going to press a button.

If you're reading this, it means that I successfully posted my first blog.

If you're not reading this--well, never mind.

107 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Love Being A Nonny said...

Love the new look!!! I am a fan of the white background!!

Anonymous said...

It looks great! I have bookmarked it already!

Anonymous said...

The new blog looks wonderful! So happy to finally get the chance to visit.

Cindy from Sonoma

Anonymous said...

I love it, and I'll be back tomorrow...and the next day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
I just LOVE the name!!! What a wonderful word from the master "wordsmith"! I'll be looking forward to future posts - have a wonderful Easter!
Much love from Ohio,

P.S. - Can't quite figure out how to "comment as"??? I'm going to make it anonymous. Will try to figure it out after tax season!

Sharon said...

I am here it is great I am gonna book mark it as soon as I push send or what ever it is I do to send this.

Anonymous said...

I'm here! Your new blog looks great. Can't wait to see more.

Kris Herbst

Theresa said...

The new blog looks great! I'm adding it to my daily routine.

Love & Prayers,
Theresa Williams

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
It is on my radar! Will bookmark your blog and follow faithfully,
Anne C. (not sure about the profile bit!)

Anne said...

Figured out how to add myself as a follower. My pic looks like I am missing a tooth though! I do have holes in my head but not that kind... :) Have a Happy Easter Smith family!

Trine said...

Hi Sarah and Smiths :)

Looking forward to the next posts. It looks great :D Love the layout and of course I will read both this blog and your journal on Sarah website.

And I love the name

Lisa said...

Hi my fellow North Carolinian! Found you thru Danielle's blog site. Your new blog is lovely and I'm anticipating reading all you have to say in the future.

Anonymous said...

congrats...looks great!

Loveit Murphy said...

Everything looks awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog, the layout is beautiful! Looking forward to reading more from you!

Joleen in TN

Stefanie in STL said...

Looks great! Glad it's up and running!


MaryH said...

Wonderful name and look! Congratulations. Now I need some time to acquaint myself with this new site. Great Job. Soon it will feel as familiar and comfortable and Sarah Smith's Spot! Enjoy your Easter.

Anonymous said...

Jo Anne(AKA Petes sister, GBM DX 3/04) from Long Island New York!!!
Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog, Becky! I'll be checking in everyday here, just like I do at Sarah Smith's Spot. And the name you picked is great too!

Jen Parnham
London, Ontario, Canada

Jan Reuther said...

Thanks so much for inviting me to your new (blog)home party!

I love the name you picked, love the new look...and I want to see more, more, more!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The new blog looks wonderful and the name is very clever. Elaine

Lesley said...

Becky, It's so pretty! So girlie! So festive! I love the name too.

Samantha said...


I really like your new Blog - what a great name!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky,

Welcome to the world of bloggers. The site looks great.


Anonymous said...

I love the name (and everything else of course)!


Jenn said...

The blog looks great! I love the colors and design. You did a good job! I love reading your cb site. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog! Great name, and new look! Very artsy and creative...


Anonymous said...

Nice Layout! Good luck with the new blog--your posting frequency is dazzling. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Great look and feel to the new blog. I look forward to reading about the Smith Family Adventures from this new site.

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog and what a great title! Looking forward to your next post.

Kate, UK

Anonymous said...

I love it! Congrats on getting it up and going, and Happy Easter!

becky said...

Hey! i shall be sure to read this everyday.
becky from buffalo

Amanda Jennings said...

The blog looks great! I love the colors.

Mary said...

Love it!

Heidi Dempsey said...

It's beautiful! Congratulations on becoming a cool and wonderful blogger!

Anonymous said...

Wow it is beautiful... May you and your famiy have a blessed Easter.
Hugs from Iowa,

Randy and Debbie said...


Been here. Seen it. Love it!

Randy and Debbie

Anonymous said...

cute picture of Snowy!
mrs. pam

Debbie said...

I was here. Now come visit mine and set up as a follower!!! Site looks great!! Love all the pics!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

katmayo said...

Congratulations on the successful unveiling of your new blog. Great name!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new blog. Love the name.

Marysienka said...

Yay!! I love the new blog :) Both the design and the name are very original. I will bookmark it right away.
Can't wait to read more and watch the videos hihi!

Renee, Canada

Jeni said...

Love the new page!! I am not sure if I ever posted on Sarah's Caringbridge sight but I read it everyday.

I am sure you will have the hang of this in no time.

Jeni from Illinois

Debbie Couture said...

Becky, I am looking forward to following your blog. You are always very interesting. Congratulations! Of course I will still follow Sarah's blog too.

Pam, Kaden and Skyler said...

Looks great!

Nancy Irving said...

lovvvveee it

Anonymous said...

Love it!Can't wait to see more.

Karo said...

Yay! New blog! I have followed on caringbridge for years, and am excited to see the new direction you are taking as well.
Karen from North Carolina

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Becky!! You are such a talented writer which makes this blog definitely worth waiting for! Hope you are feeling better. Love the blog name too.
I couldn't get logged into Goggle, so I really am not "anonymous"!

Liz W. from MN

andrea said...

I love the look of the new blog and can't wait for more posts!

Sue G said...

Wow, the first time I don't read Sarah's site first thing in the morning (I'm cooking, cooking, cooking for tomorrow) and look what I miss!

Beautiful blog layout. Great name. Expecting great things from you, little lady!

Blessings, now and always.

Anonymous said...

Love the new site! Congrats!! Now I have one more site to check out every day....

Nancybratt2 said...

Alright!!! Welcome to the blog world Becky!!! :-)

Gina said...

The site looks great!

Anonymous said...

This looks awesome! I'll definitely bookmark this page. :)

-Kate from Iowa

Anonymous said...

Glad to finally get a glimpse of the new blog. Looks good! Take care!

Kellie said...

Have fun with the new blog! Looks good!
-Kellie K.

Hannah said...

I'm a first-dayer on your blog as well! I really like the design. I have followed Sarah's site for probably over a year now but for some reason never sign in. I guess it's mostly because you have a plethora of other posters and I tend to write on cb sites that have fewer messages so those people can be encouraged too. You're a really great writer and I will pray that everything works out soon with your job and housing situation and that God will give you patience and faith in the meantime!

Mamasita said...

Good to see ya here on blogger!! Great job! I would LOVE someone to help me figure out how to get a 3 column template on to my blog without erasing everything. I am too scared to try anything different on mine.

I thought of you guys last weekend as I was eating fried pickles. ;-)

Love y'all!

SueEllen in Dallas said...

Very nice blog! And this is the first blog I've read on it's "birthday". I look forward to many more Smith stories.

Rebekah said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT ... I am so excited to welcome you to BLOGGER LAND ... I am also looking forward to reading many more chapters on Smithville!

Hugs from MN!

Rebekah and Family

jojy said...

GO BECKY!! AWESOME!jojy from Calif

Anonymous said...

Beautiful design! You're getting added to my list of bookmarks! :-)

Happy Easter!

Hill AFB, Utah

Jan R. said...

I'm here! :-)
Welcome to the world of Blogging!

and... no blackouts happened in Los Angeles!

Jan R.
Oak Park, CA

girlonwheels said...

Stopped by to check out your blog! I love it. Feel free to stop by my blog sometime!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! I'll definitely be reading, and I'll even try to be a better signer inner!

Cape Cod, MA

Penguini said...

It looks great! Can't wait to read more of the Smith news on here.

Anonymous said...

Go, Becky! Go, Becky! (done in a cheer leading chant, arms moving in a circle :) You're hitting on all cylinders, using all of the talents God has given you. I'm sooo proud of you!

love & hugs,
Lorrie K. in Denver, CO

Sue said...

Whoo hoo! I love the new blog. It is gorgeous and you are just the coolest! Congratulations. (Oh... and that button that says "Delete your entire blog," I've actually had some experience with that button. Stay far far away!

Lori said...

Great looking blog. I look forward to all the Smith family news.

Anonymous said...

In the words of Tony the Tiger, "It's GRRRREEEAAAT!"

L in Alaska

merry said...

Hello Becky! Have bookmarked this as the more Smith news the better as far as I'm concerned - love your writing.
Love, merry in the Cotswolds

Marshmallow Woman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marshmallow Woman said...

The new blog was totally, absolutely and completely worth the wait. Love the graphics and can't wait to see the videos!


(PS: sorry for the deleted comment, Mr Blogger apparently doesn't like me much)

Becky said...

Congrats on the new blog. V pretty!

Dina from Mill Spring said...

Yay! Looking forward to your writings!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Becky! The new blog looks great and I love the name! I will look forward to your posts.

Debbie Haskell

Anonymous said...

I was Visitor #901... and I'll bet you top 1000 on this, your opening weekend!


Jenkintown, PA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new blog!

Adena said...

Very nice blog!!!! Congrats!! Looking forward to reading :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new look, love the colors. The name is awesome, very clever.

Jan Reynolds

Tammy said...

Love the new look!

Anonymous said...

I have added ou to my favorites and look forward to a lot of happy reading here!
Lisa from Georgia

Anonymous said...

It's a thing of beauty!! I can hardly wait to read more updates!

Sue in San Jose

Diane Luparello said...

Love the new blog. Hope the Smith family has had a blessed Easter.

Pam D said...

Your first post and you get 85 comments?? (now 86). Wowie zowie! The blog is gorgeous.. love the name... and I think this new home fits you perfectly! I'll be a frequent visitor....

Sarah said...

What a great design!!!

Ellen Robertson said...

Hi Becky, I'm number 88....I'm so excited!!!! The new blog looks great!!! Hearing aids can be so small these days they probably won't even be visible!!! Take care... Love, Ellen and Sammi

MIlczarek Family said...

89, woohoo! I love reading your posts and I wish you happy blogging.

Heidi from North Dakota said...

I love the new blog....thanks for continuing to allow us to be part of your family.

Pat in CA said...

GREAT job Becky!!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts on Sarah's site & I look forward to reading your blog!

Regina Ice said...

Hi Becky!
The new blog looks wonderful!...and I am totally jealous of the layout and wonderful things you have going on! How awesome! It is just superfantabulous!
Lots of hugs!

Anonymous said...

#94! love the new blog

Lisa said...

Only nine minutes left in the weekend - (pacific time), so I'll say my congratulations, and go back to read the entries. Can you count Easter Monday as the weekend to get the last 5 comments...?

Anonymous said...

This is great! :) I love it! :)

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Easter! :)

Kristi from near KCMO

jenwales said...

Adding comment #97. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog, especially the colors. Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! The blog looks great!

Jessie - WA

Lyndsay said...

99 comments! Does that mean I'm #100?
I'm a long-time follower of Sarah's site and I'm very excited to see your new family blog!
God bless!

Guerrina said...

Becky, love the new site - am still trying to figure out where to sign in! Hope I got the right spot!

Unknown said...

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