Friday, April 24, 2009

A Whiz Dad and an Air Show

Nathan's car went on the blink this week so he's learning some mechanical skills to get it fixed. Looking at pictures like these always makes me so thankful that my "thing" is not working on cars. The pictures do make me thankful, however, for the great dad that Steve is as he takes the time to teach Nathan the stuff he needs to know. (And the things that I can't teach.)

Along with car repair, Steve's other main "dad job" is to teach Nathan about finances, check books, and loan rates. We all know that I start to hyperventilate and my brain turns into a big jelly bean when I even start to think about numbers; I'm happy that Steve is a number whiz, a car whiz, a dad whiz, and a husband whiz.

I also want to take a moment to tell all the single parents out there how greatly I admire you for your diligence as you accomplish the jobs of two people. I honestly don't see how you manage it all and I send out hugs and encouragement to you today, along with a virtual pat on the back for giving your kids so much of your time, energy, and love when there doesn't always seem like there's enough to go around.

This afternoon, the four of us are headed out to the Blue Angels Air Show. Sarah decided to go along with us after all which I'm thrilled about. Since our finances are a bit limited, family outings are few and far between and this will give us a chance to do something together that's free, exciting, and really, really cool!

Sarah remembered that the last time we went to an air show (and she was so bothered by the noise of the planes), she was coming down with a cold and just felt crummy overall. I think the fact that she feels well this year will make a big difference in how she gets along.

She did well at the dentist yesterday although she was very relieved to have it over with. When she got home, she went online and spent her Barnes and Noble gift card which brought a huge smile, even to a numb and swollen mouth.

I'm in the process of ordering more Letters to Obama books so go ahead and get your order in if you'd like one! (See order info in the column to the right.)

I'll be picking up Sarah from school in about an hour so we can leave for the show. And as hard as this may be for you to believe, I might even take one or two (or three) pictures while we're there. I'll keep you posted!

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MaryH said...

Hope you all have fun at the Air Show. Sounds like a very exciting and fun family outing. I remember last year when Sarah had a tough time at the show - hopefully, she will enjoy it much more this year and since she already knows what to expect, even the noise may not be as bothersome. I agree with Sarah, dentist are torture and to have someone tell you that it will hurt more next time is ridiculous - because you don't really want to run back to the dentist anyway and to know it may be worse, well that is just asking for anxiety. Glad it is over and she was able to spend her gift money at one of her favorite places.
Becky, thank you for your compliment and support for single parents. I have been one since 1990 - I am still the one my girls come to with each and every problem and financial issue and hurt heart - it is a privilege that they still do and always have come to me for their comfort and advice. However, some times I wish there was someone I could turn to at those very moments and say "help." Well, there is and always will be - I have prayed my way through most of these situations and have not been disappointed. You are a very lucky lady to have Steve by your side, as is he to have you. My girls are grown now but they still need their mom - that is a good thing. Have a great weekend - I have yard work to do - I don't enjoy that too much - maybe a neighbor will take pity and come help - they have in the past!

Pam said...

Have a great time. Its been since I was a child that I saw them..maybe next time they are in this area I can take my grandson. Hope you are doing better.
I was a single mom with not a lot of help from the dad for two children, and its not easy. Thanks for the shout out to them.

Guerrina said...

Have a great time at the air show! Thanks for the encouragement to single parents. Been there for 19 1/2 years - how time flies! Now I'm at a place where I have time to try to figure out who I am in addition to "Mom" so.....I joined a gym! Gotta get rid of 19 years of chocolate somehow!