Saturday, September 26, 2009

Live from Manteo!

Things are going well here, although I'm having trouble getting to an Internet connection. Plus, I'm having trouble getting time to get on the Internet. Busy weekend!

We were at the church 3 1/2 hours this morning setting up and rehearsing with the band and we have a church picnic in a half hour. So I guess I'd better run!

More later . . .

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Anonymous said...

just checking out the Manteo "liveness"

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to real news about life changing events! Thanks for checking in with all of us.

Continued prayers.

Connie F-G

Marysienka said...

How did it go? I cannot wait to hear all about your weekend in Manteo!! :)

Sending all my best as always,


Anonymous said...

Thinking about you all!

Jan R. said...

We are thinking about you all from Southern California... wondering what is going on....