Friday, February 12, 2010

Job List, Questions and Answers

Janet asked recently in the comments area what I would be doing with my time now that I’m no longer home schooling. Hmmm. Great question! I had to stop and think about it for a minute and the more I thought about it, the more I remembered the variety of things that comprise my Official Pastor’s Wife Official To Do List.

And then, because I’m all about writing about the tiniest pieces of the teensiest bits of trivial minutia of my life, I thought I would share my list with you. (You can thank me later.)

As you’ve probably already surmised, my biggest time chunk is dedicated to keeping up two blogs, which takes about 10-15 hours a week. (Between writing them and taking/editing/posting pictures for them.)

My only other regular weekly activities are teaching a Wednesday night adult class (2-3 hours prep) and preparing music/media for the Sunday morning services which takes another 3-4 hours.

Apart from that, everything else on the list below is the kind of stuff that ebbs and flows. (Now that I’m living near the ocean, I have to pull out these nautical terms occasionally so as to impress the natives!)

Here’s a Three Week Sampler of my life.

1. Attended a pastor’s dinner sponsored by the Gideons (the organization that puts Bibles in hotels).

2. Hosted a pastor's lunch in our home

3. Gave an informal piano/songwriting lesson to a church member

4. Visited and prayed with someone in the hospital before his surgery; Steve usually does that, but he was out of town.

5. Have spent about twenty hours so far, organizing a pictorial church directory, including designing the cover. (I probably have another ten hours to go on that project.)

6. Worked on Annual Business Meeting packets.

7. Will be hosting a Board Meeting dinner at our home

8. Hosted a pot luck dinner at our home for the worship team.

9. Am preparing certificates to be handed out to those who were baptized recently.

10 . Organized names for an updated Prayer Chain list for the church

11. Am giving the devotional at the overnight gathering our the Girls Ministry at our church is sponsoring.

12. Am working on a media presentation for an upcoming Sunday morning service.

13. Cooked for (and attended) a senior's luncheon held at the church.

14. Attended a viewing.

15. Did two pastoral visits with Steve.

16. Had dinner with a church family.

17. Spent several hours updating our music files—both computer based, and paper based.

18. Will be attending a day long conference about creativity in the church. (Sponsored by the church where the CF Husband is the music pastor.

The next two weeks are going to be especially interesting because we have ordered a new computer for our sound room. The current computer is about twelve years old and is not quite up to the task of handling all the multi-media/graphics tasks that we’ve been asking of it lately.

The computer is being custom built for our church by our friend, Wyatt and will also serve as my secretarial computer when I’m working at the church instead of working from home. I will no doubt be spending countless hours on it, learning all of its fun and challenging features--I am REALLY looking forward it.

So there you have it! Wasn’t that exciting?

And since that whole long post was the result of a question in the comments area, let me finish answering a few more of the questions that have been left lately.

Anonymous wrote, “Lesley Sansone (note: she is the fitness instructor I featured recently) is a wonderful instructor and her DVD’s are easy to follow.”

I have to agree with that! That picture I posted of her was taken from a DVD I actually own. I have done the workout several times and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get in better shape but doesn’t have the time, desire, or physical ability to do more demanding workouts. The DVD I bought came with an exercise band, which is a really nifty tool, and it also contains one, two, three and four mile walks all on one DVD.

Margie asked, “On your 30-day break from desserts, how much weight did you lose?”

Margie, I lost 3-4 pounds which I was pretty happy with considering that I didn’t get my exercise routine (the DVD I just referred to) going until the last week.

Lizz recommended the Biggest Loser DVD’s because they feature real people.

Lizz, that is a GREAT idea, and long overdue. I’ll keep my eyes open for them since I could use some exercise DVD variety.

And lastly (on a non-exercise subject) here's a comment that really made my day.

Jenna said, “I was just crying my eyes out after a really rough day when I read your post- thanks for cheering me up and bringing a smile to my face.”

Jenna, I am so glad to know you found a reason to smile on your tough day. I hope things are going better for you today!

5 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Lisa said...

You're wonderful Becky!

MaryH said...

Sounds like a very busy schedule to me, Becky. And I am sure you will find more and more things to fill your days (not that it seems like you need to) as you settle in further to your role as Pastor's wife in Manteo. Also, my daughter slimmed down doing her "Lesly's" as she called them for her wedding and just recently to lose that baby weight - I can't wait to see her next week and see her progress (not to mention my handsome grandson!). Have a good weekend and I hope you all get some well deserved rest - but then Sundays are one of your busiest, right?

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