Monday, June 21, 2010

Final Fill Monday. Crazy Hats. Duct Tape.

This morning, Steve and I went out early for our (almost daily) bike ride. As we were peacefully pedaling home, I thought back to eight weeks ago when I was recovering from surgery and would sit looking out our front window at people riding their bikes past our house. Seeing them made me feel sad and wistful and jealous and, well, a little bit cheated.

But today? Today, I got to be one of the fortunate ones strong enough and healthy enough to get on a bike and pedal home through the early morning.

Simple, sweet blessings.

I will certainly need the memories of my peaceful morning to get me through this last trip to my surgeon today. One more saline fill. One more night of pain pills and saying “ouch” every five minutes and then I’ll be free for three months!

Although truthfully, I wish I could have the replacement surgery done a lot earlier; three months is a long time to live in the state of semi-discomfort and general weirdness that these expanders create. Some plastic surgeons do the surgery within six weeks of the final fill; others wait three months. I just happened to get a three month-er. (sigh)

But enough of that. Let me fill you in our weekend.

Saturday there was a reception at our church for a couple who is adopting four siblings between the ages of about eight and thirteen. One of their sons requested that the reception also be dubbed a Crazy Hat Party. And so it was! We were all invited to wear some sort of hat--crazy or not.

Sarah went with the non-crazy look as befits her more dignified demeanor.


However, her father grabbed onto the whole “crazy hat” scheme with the greatest of gusto. Steve loves doin’ crazy! He even accented his hat (and wig) with official Bubba teeth. His parishioners weren’t quite sure what to think about him although if the truth were known, they were probably wondering, “Is it too early in his tenure to vote him out?”



He got upstaged though, by Harold, who came in wearing this getup. (Harold’s “hat” is actually a ski mask that he bought in Wisconsin. Is that cool, or what?)


Here are two of our board members. And their hats.



If you can’t tell, Steve had a very good time at the Crazy Hat Party. (The guy in the Uncle Sam hat is the adoptive dad.)


Yesterday, we dubbed our Father’s Day service at church, “Duct Tape Dad’s Day.”

Please look at the following picture and note two things:

1. There is a pile of duct tape piled up on the platform. (Each guy got a roll at the end of the service.)

2. Steve is wearing a tie. Made of duct tape. That he created himself!


Here it is in a little more detail.



Is that creative or what?

As part of the duct tape emphasis, there was a contest for the men to make stuff out of duct tape and compete to win a gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse.

We also played a comedy video in the service about duct tape and then Steve preached a sermon called “Duct Tape Dads.” It was a brilliant, creative, down-to-earth sermon that tied up the morning’s activities perfectly.

It was a great morning followed by a delicious meal on the grill after the service.

Followed by a nap.

Ahhhh . . . . I love my Sunday naps.

Okay, it’s time to get ready to leave for my Happy Appointment! (Please insert heavy sarcasm right here.) I do hope your Monday is more lovely than mine!

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Anonymous said...

Sending up prayers for this one to be miraculously more comfortable than the others... and loving Steve's amazing creativity AND the blessings that you've felt raining down on you lately.

Marysienka said...

Steve just cracks me up! He is so funny with his wig/hat/teeth outfit! Also, the duct tape tie is really cool :)

Good luck with your last fill. I hope this one is less uncomfortable than the previous ones...

Ann Martin said...

Steve's tie is fantastic! Maybe he can market it--extra income? Hope today is not a "bad" day for the fill. I really would like to be on the bike rides with you. Can't really do that here. Have a great day even with the "filler up" and enjoy your sea coast home. The crazy hats was a terrific idea. We have to wear a hat to Churchill Downs and I bought one at Beaufort. I'll decorate it at the meeting but it looks fine like it is. Steve is quite a person and lots of fun. We need someone like him at our church.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the tie! A young cousin plans to make her senior prom dress out of duct tape! Becky, thoughts & prayers with you and so glad for you that this is FINAL Fill Monday!


MaryH said...

Hope you did okay today, Becky.

Duct tape is a staple in our house - if it moves and it shouldn't, duct tape it - it also protected my daughter's horse's foot after a major injury - and it comes in all colors - who knew?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Duck Tape Stuck at Prom website and contest -

Now that is taking things to a whole new level, although the tie was an admirable start. I will be thinking of you tonite and hoping the worst is over quickly and 3 months flies by, best to you and your family -

Jean C.

Anonymous said...


You have to tell Steve that I used Duct Tape to seal off vents in both my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Baby possum's crawled through them from under the house to get to my cats food. There is nothing more gross than to be sitting at your computer and see one eating out of the cat bowls! Worked like a charm! Let's not even think about how I had to catch that baby and put it back outside, used a kitchen towel I threw over it. Worse than mice or rats!

Hoping today went better than you last filler up.

Cindy from Sonoma

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