Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Snowy Goes For a Stroll


I am about to post some pictures that will rather rudely ruin Snowy’s world wide reputation of canine cuteness.

Reputation Ruining Picture Number One


Reputation Ruining Picture Number Two 


Reputation Ruining Picture Number ThreeIMG_3288

Do these pictures give you any sort of feeling that a trip to the groomer is due?

Unfortunately, since groomers are frightfully (not to mention dreadfully) expensive, we try to space out Snowy’s appointments as widely as we possibly can.  I know that some people cut their dog’s hair themselves but that’s not going to happen anytime soon at our house.  I would be scared stiff to allow any sharp objects near that wriggling, wiggling doggie of ours.

Also groomers do other happy jobs during Snowy’s visits like, um, express his anal sacs.  Nuh-uh.  Not me. I very firmly draw the line at anal sac expressing. 

And so occasionally, Snowy tends to get a bit grubby looking until we can gather up enough moola to take him in to his Doggie Spa/Anal Sac Expressing Appointment.

But it’s always so worth it because when he gets home, he looks like a Teacup Maltese Movie Star. Talk about an extremely extreme makeover!


Whenever Snowy comes home looking that handsome, he always asks us to take him for a walk around the neighborhood so that he can show himself off to the other dogs that are not as incredibly magnificent as he is. (Humility is not one of his virtues.)

Since we are such a well organized and very “together” sort of family, the walk always commences with a great deal of precision and organization.


Regardless of which way the humans are headed, Snowy always feels compelled to blaze his own trail.


And then he tosses his (well coiffed) head impatiently at his sister when she insists that he walk next to her.  He thinks,  “What a killjoy.”


It’s obvious that the fires of his enthusiasm have been temporarily dampened.


But not for long!  Because all at once, Snowy spies The Enemy!  Snowy spots A Dog!  A Big Dog! A Very Big Dog!  A Very Big, Bad Dog!   Snowy is ready to wrench his little groomed and pampered self right off the leash and run and attack that Big Dog! Snowy is ready to Rip. Him. To. Shreds. 

“You want a piece of me?” hollers Snowy. 


And then the dog gets a wee bit closer and Snowy realizes just how big the Big Dog really is.


And then Snowy shrieks, “Run, Sister, run!  Forsooth, there is danger all around that verily lurketh in the driveways of thusly this very neighborhood!”  (Snowy tends to speak like Shakespeare when he is stressed.)


After Snowy has taken himself and his sister a safe distant from the danger, he settles back down to a walk and mutters to himself, “I’m cool, I’m cool.  I wasn’t really afraid of that (incredibly huge) dog anyway.”


And so the teeny protector of the free world heads back home, slightly wilted, yet with his small spirit unbowed.



“Hold on, Sister! These steps are very tall and my (extremely cute and well groomed) legs are very short!”


Ah. Home sweet home.



In the comment section, the question was asked if I used a “bounce flash” on some of my recent pictures.

The answer to that is that I have no idea what a bounce flash is, or how to use one!   :-)  

4 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

I love Snowy stories! He's too cute.

Melanie said...

Sounds like what we go through when we take our dog for a walk!

alyssa boreiko said...

I just love that little doggie! Whenever I see his picture I just see him as Sarah's protector. How much he must love that child and was there to comfort her when she was so so sick. They have a bond that most people will never have with their animals. It almost makes me cry! Such a sweet little pup.

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