Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An Angel With A Marshmallow

Although Snowy usually sleeps through the night, for the past week or so he hasn’t been doing so well in that regard. And after almost eleven years of being in our family, the determined doggy has finally talked Steve and I into letting him sleep in our bed. So when he doesn’t sleep, we don’t sleep.

Since I’m a light sleeper and hear Snowy most of the time, I’ve been getting up with him, rather than waking Steve from a sound sleep—even though he always tells me to wake him up.

Last night, I was worn slap out (that’s a Southern phrase, y’all) from all of my interrupted sleep (and chaos management) so I asked Sarah if she’d take Snowy upstairs with her for the night.

Well, Little Sir Snowy got it into his Little Sir Snowy Head that he was in the wrong place for sleeping purposes and that he really needed to be escorted down one floor to his “mom and dad’s” king sized bed. Where he rightfully belonged. Because he’s special like that.

So by 11 pm when he still hadn’t settled down, Sarah finally got exasperated with him and came and knocked on our door and handed him over to “the parental units.” (As she sometimes calls us.) Steve sleepily took Snowy from her without a word, brought him back to bed, and Snowy ended up sleeping all night long. Hallelujah.

However, when Sarah got up this morning, she was in tears because she’d had such a frustrating, annoying time with her beloved doggy; then she felt bad about pawning him off on us. When Steve had answered her knock and took the dog without saying a word, she thought maybe he was annoyed with her for not keeping Snowy herself.

So she and I had a little talk and a big hug and I told her it was not a big deal; Snowy had slept great and Steve was not in the slightest bit annoyed with her.

When I saw Steve a few minutes later I told him about our conversation and suggested, “You might just mention something to her about it.”

I was in the bathroom slappin’ on make up (thank heaven for Maybelline) when I heard the following delightful conversation take place down the hall.

Steve: Good morning, Sarah!

Sarah: Mumbling with downcast face, “Good morning.”

Steve: I had a very interesting dream last night.

Sarah: What did you dream?

Steve: Well, I dreamed that a beautiful angel knocked on our bedroom door and handed me a marshmallow!

Steve always did have a way with words. And Sarah has always had a way of appreciating people who have a way with words.

After that lovely “daddy speech,” they started their morning with a hug and a smile.


In other news, yes the carpet is (mostly) in and yes, I am an exceedingly exuberant woman after seeing the last of the stained, blue carpet we’ve been staring at for nine months disappear out the door, never to be glimpsed again.

The two carpet guys stayed at the house till after 8 pm. When Sarah and I got home at 5 pm, we saw lots of lovely carpet accompanied by lots of clumps of chaos.

Here are the stairs to Sarah’s room. She said she felt like a mountain climber when she tried to get to and from her room. (To get to her room, you turn left at the top of this set of stairs and go up another small flight before finally arriving at her 480 sq. foot aerie.)


Here’s a sneak peek of the carpet; I’ll show you more tomorrow when the job is completely finished. We love the color and we love, love, love the clean, new, fresh look it gives the whole second floor.


Now you would think that since I was dealing with such chaos at home that I would want to spend my time away from home doing something peaceful and orderly.

Not so much.

I decided to attack the drawers and file cabinets in the sound room/office area that I work from at church. There are few things I love better than a mess that needs to be organized; it just brings joy to my soul and sassiness to my spirit. (Almost as much joy and sass as having new carpet!)

IMG_6970 IMG_6971

And here’s the (sort of) finished project. Actually, I’ve still got a lot of things I’d like to do in that area, like putting up new paint and a few pictures, and maybe even getting a “new” desk from Craigslist. But at least I’m making progress and having fun in the meantime.


Before I close, I’ll answer a couple questions that came in from MN Mom. She said,

Are the steps going up to Sarah’s room also being re-done?

No, the carpet on her steps and in her room is a whole lot newer than the second floor carpet and is in excellent shape. So we’ll be keeping that for awhile. It does have blue in it, but it also has some greenish-aqua; I think she can work around it, color-wise.

Do you have a surgery date yet?

Yes! In fact, two weeks from this very moment, I will be in the operating room having the expanders taken out and the permanent implants put in.

From what I understand, the recovery period after replacement surgery is easier than after a mastectomy; I think it’s more like 1-2 weeks, rather than 4-6 weeks.

I am excited about getting this procedure behind me and getting on with the rest of my life!

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Shannon said...

Oh I love new carpet smell!! Enjoy can't wait to see the final pictures!!

lesley said...

Steve is clever and awesome.

Anonymous said...

I know the final product is going to be awesome! What is the color and brand of paint used in your bedroom? Looking for a "new neutral" myself!



Pam D said...

Steve DOES have such a way with words. I need to remember that.. not the specific phrase, because it might do serious emotional damage to my boy if I ever used it on him. But just to "think outside the box" and come up with a gentle, humorous way to make things right... such a wonderful talent to possess!
Love the carpet, too; you're almost there with that part. And in 2 weeks you'll be almost there with THAT part. Whew. It's been a long journey, Becky, but you're almost there...

LizW said...

The carpet peek only makes us anxious for photos of the final look! Exciting! I am glad you are getting it done before your surgery. I was thinking it was coming up soon, so thanks for answering my question. Sure hope Snowy has a better night (consequently, so will you!). Occasionally our dog gets restless and the vet said to give him a benadryl about an hour before you want him to sleep. Now our dog is 75# and can have two so Snowy obviously would need a lot less. Love what Steve said to Sarah - perfect for making her feel better.

MaryH said...

Steve, that was a very loving and kind and brilliant way to let Sarah know everything was fine. Perfect vision of the angel and marshmallow. The carpet looks beautiful - I can just imagine your anxiety over the clutter! Take care - I still am checking everyday - just can't write as often.

Karen said...

I guess there is some kind of big art and craft show in Manteo this weekend? Someone I follow on Facebook who sells beach glass jewelry is going to be there. When she said she was going to Manteo, I was excited to know I knew where she was talking about!

Ann Martin said...

Are you having your surgery on August 17? The 16th is our 25th wedding anniversary. Sure like the pictures of the "new" rooms and floor. Now if I could just clean out my "stuff" mine would look much better. I started, got side tracked and haven't gotten back. Too much happening.