Friday, August 13, 2010

A Post of Quietude. And Snowy As You’ve Never Seen Him Before.

If you’re having a frantic, hectic, stressful, wild, disquieting, tense and taxing day, take a deep breath.

Let it out.

And then scroll down.

When I was on the bike trail a few days ago, I took a few pictures of loveliness in the hopes that they would be like a sip of cool water to a dusty soul.

IMG_6687 IMG_6695 IMG_6700 IMG_6707 IMG_6712 IMG_6719 IMG_6727 IMG_6736 IMG_6751




Oh, wait. How did Snowy sneak in there?

Technically Snowy is not a “picture of loveliness;” he’s far too macho for that. But he does come equipped with a guarantee to bring a smile, especially when he’s posing so nicely in his “long hair hippie” mode. All he needs are some leather sandals and a beaded head band and he’d be, like, groovy, dude.


How about this picture of Snowy. You know, since he never got to “officially” graduate from college?

snowy grad

Enjoy the smile. Enjoy your day!

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Sue G said...

I think I have to give up my goal of one day visiting you and meeting your family. I hate driving over water. A deeply ingrained fear of mine.

But, too bad for me because the area in which you live is quite lovely. Great pix.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhh...I can smell the ocean right here in my office...beautiful pics, Becky.


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pictures!! You are so talented!

Gayle in AL

Unknown said...

I ♥ Manteo...and photos of Snowy! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are fantastic . . . so much so that I think some of them especially would make beautiful postcards or note cards. Have you ever considered using your photos to make some of those many cards you are always sending out? Some of them would make ideal cards for all occasions! Hugs to my favorite Smith Family. Linda in Pittsburgh

Patty Gray said...

This is one of my favorite places to go when I am riding my bicycle on the bike trail. I like to go there and spend time with God. Also to just chill or if I am upset or mad about something I go there and watch the water and cars coming across the bridge.

Patty Gray

Michelle said...

I love your pictures...they look like Heaven too me. Oh I need a vacation now, LOL.

Snowy with the cap/gown/dipolma is so awesome!

Have a great weekend!!