Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dad. Daughter. Room.

Steve has been hard at work getting Sarah’s room painted. And since he feels that his daughter should get the same sort of Paternal Painting Training as his son, he has enlisted Sarah as his Painting Princess Apprentice. (Try saying THAT three times fast! Seriously. I can’t even do it.)

Here he is expounding to her on the fact that if she touches some sort of a certain something at the same time as she touches another sort of a certain something she will get a shock. (Try not to be too impressed with my highly technical language.)


The lesson continues. (Note that Sarah is wearing a t-shirt from Nathan’s university. It makes us all feel a bit closer to him when we can look over and see SEU!)


And the lesson continues to continue.


Not sure what this conversation is all about but it looks important!


Sarah finally gets to be taller than her dad!


You may find this hard to believe—I know I did—but they actually let ME paint a little teeny bit. However, it didn’t take me very long to figure out (once again) that painting is not my gift. I told myself, “Becky, you really need to back away from the wall, put that paint brush down and . . . go do something with your hair, already!


The Painting Princess Apprentice hard at work.


Or not.


If you’re wondering why she’s saluting . . .


. . . it’s because the guy in the poster did it first. (Poster is of Reliant K, one of her favorite bands.)


Such a lovely gal.



A Guest Blogger! A Nathan and Meagan Story! Hurray!”

Becky said, “What is the ring on the left hand? Great story and great couple ~ I can't believe if I missed they got engaged and I didn't see it.”

Nope—no engagement ring!

Mrs. Pam said, “What a fun story! Nathan and Meagan are such a great couple! Were they at the Melting Pot restaurant?”

Yes, as a matter of fact they were! That is such a great restaurant; we’ve eaten there three or four times in our marriage and have enjoyed every single bite. Nothing quite like it.

“Known By Love”

Anonymous said, “Hi Becky. I loved this recent post for a few reasons. I am Jewish and my husband was brought up Roman Catholic. When I say "was", it is because he has since decided that it is better to be a good person than a bad person who happens to go to a place of worship. I do not always agree with him because I feel a comfort when I do(which is rare) go to Temple. I was wondering if you ever considered other religions in your monthly meetings. At Passover, our community holds a huge Passover dinner and includes everybody. I once had a friend say that such and such a person was a good Christian and it so bothered me. I said that it is possible that the person being "good" had nothing to do with religion. I think your meetings are wonderful. Everybody has a place and we should all support and embrace each other. Just wondered if you ever considered expanding even further into other religions. I think it would be so interesting. Thanks. Love you Smith Family

Anonymous, we would be DELIGHTED and HONORED to welcome religious leaders of various backgrounds—rabbis, priests, etc. to our monthly gatherings. Although we may not agree on every single theological point, we would most certainly agree on enough things so that we could enjoy each other, learn from each other and encourage each other.

Thanks for your comment and for sharing such interesting thoughts!

“Snowy: The Boss Man”

Mary H said, “Boss man, Snowy - what color did you select for Sarah's room? I wasn't sure if the blue that I saw was a primer paint or the color.”

Mary, Snowy here.

I woke up from my last nap long enough to hear one of The Fam say how much they loved the blue paint and how well it matched the carpet. So I’m assuming the blue is paint, not primer. Okay. Back to my nap.

And lastly, both Lisa and Margie asked, “How are you feeling, Becky?”

Ladies, thanks for checking!

I’m feeling pretty well, all things considered. I’m very much looking forward to getting next Tuesday’s surgery behind me. The recovery time will be about the same as the last surgery which was 7-10 days. I’m not really thrilled about being out commission for that long but it’s gotta be done.

This time around, my surgery isn’t scheduled until 2:15 (instead of early in the morning) so Steve and I (Sarah will stay behind) are not sure what we’re going to do about getting home that night. Depending on how quickly I do (or do not) come out of recovery, we may have to end up staying in a hotel that evening. We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, thanks for checking in; it’s a good feeling to know I’m getting near the end of this thing!

5 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Love Being A Nonny said...

Now when Sarah is our ripe old age, she will not have an excuse to skip the painting.....she had very good training! I think it's great that Steve takes the time to teach her those things! She may live on her own one day before she is married. Never hurts to know a few tricks of the trade!

LizW said...

Glad to hear that you will have your LAST surgery soon, and be all healed up by the time the holidays arrive. I do hope all is as well as you make life in Manteo sound. lt must be a good feeling to be making your house your home. Is school going well for Sarah? Painting is always a good skill to have! Prayers, as always, for you.

MaryH said...

Like the color, Snowy and Sarah! Glad to see Steve is teaching Sarah some very handy skills around the house. Wish I would have paid more attention to those things. I have learned, the hard way and sometimes the expensive way, but I have at least learned! A young lady needs to be independent on so many levels.

Rachel said...

Can't wait to see the finished product! I bet it will turn out awesome :O) I helped my best friend paint my godkids rooms last year and I couldn't believe how difficult it actually was (on the arm muscles that is!).

Still praying for you in your recovery process.. glad to hear that things are going well :O)

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