Monday, November 29, 2010

Why I Love (And Also Like) The College Dude.

I love Nathan because after Thanksgiving dinner was over, he just about tackled me in order to keep me in my chair and stop me from doing the dishes.


However, after I insisted just slightly, he did finally permit me to help out a little at the very end of the Dish Doing Process.


I love him because when he was showing me something on his computer, I noticed that “Mom” (meaning my Smithellaneous site) was right in the middle of his frequently visited sites. I felt so important, sharing space with Wachovia and ESPN!


I love him because he looks right at home, sitting at the dining room table in his old t-shirt and pondering his computer-esque ponderations.


I love him because he continually gives my sister a hard time and gets away with it; in fact, this particular smile on his face is vintage Nathan. He is the world’s biggest tease and he especially loves teasing his Aunt Debbie. Fortunately, she gives as good as she gets so they’re a pretty well matched pair. Or set. Or whatever.



I love him because he’s willing to enter into all the family fun and games in the backyard with Ye Olde (Wonderful) Relatives, instead of holing up in his room with Facebook.


I love him because he’s such a goof off.


I love him because he assists on Family Recycling Trips.


I love him because he’s always ready for any ol’ great adventure, including climbing Jockey’s Ridge with his dad, cousin and uncle. (Who was taking the picture.)


I love him because you never know . . .


. . . when he’s going to come bursting into the picture with a great burst of bursting-ness.


But mostly I love him because in my heart--he will always look like this.

nate baby

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Melanie said...

What a sweet post about Nathan...wonderful pictures!
How nice that he did the dishes for you! You must be very proud of him, and with good reason! :)

Alex and Emily said...


I just came across your blog from MckMama's. I haven't read the entire forum of "why people don't like church" yet but I plan to. I have the same question you do! I'm also a pastor's wife and am passionate about people, Jesus, and helping people connect with Jesus and people at church. You have a great blog. I'm enjoying looking through it.


Sheri Hawley said...

Why is it that our children don't understand we will forever see them as we did first?! Sigh. Beautiful, as always, Becky.

The Pennington Point said...

sniff. sniff. WAAHHH!!!

Now I love Nathan too.

Don't you just love when you find a new blog and you connect instantly? I am so glad you left me a comment. I'm your newest follower....we have a lot in common. And we are a lot different. How fun is that? Lisa~

Anonymous said...

Well, you did it again. I'm reaching for the Kleenex. Nathan sounds so much like my Kirby!
Keeping both our college dudes in my prayers today.

Guerrina said...

Awwww... he IS a great young adult. What a fine young man you Smiths have raised!

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