Monday, December 27, 2010

A “Snowy” Christmas

Hi. Snowy here.

Let me just start off by saying that I’m not exactly sure what’s been going on lately, but I will say it’s been a strange couple of weeks. For one thing, my mom keeps on dragging me down to the vet’s office every few days.

And what have I done to deserve that?

I mean, for crying out loud, I vomited a few times, stopped eating and drinking for a while—nothing big enough to merit a trip to a place where they insert a thermometer into my, um, hindermost parts, and then stick some sort of something into my leg called an IV.

I’ll tell ya one thing right now, I did not appreciate that IV. Not one tiny little bit. In fact, last Friday morning, I’d had quite enough of it, thank you very much. I just put my efficient doggie teeth to work and when no one was looking, I yanked that thing right out of my leg and tossed it on the floor. Ha. Take that, all you fancy, schmancy, thermometer-wielding doctors!

And the worst thing about two IV’s in two weeks? They put one in each leg, shaving the leg before doing so. And now? I have two shaved forelegs and look just like a pretend poodle!


I’m really not quite clear as to what all these recent developments have pertained to, but I do know that my mom has been exhibiting a strange tendency to get all this watery stuff in her eyes occasionally when she looks at me.

In fact, last week at dinnertime her phone rang and it was that mean ol’ IV-placing doctor from the vet’s office calling. I don’t know what the whole conversation was about (I took a nap during it), but I did wake up long enough to see her end the call and then stand in the middle of the living room crying.

Dad went over to her and hugged her a long time and she kept on crying and I was thinking, “Well, what’s going on here? What did that bad doctor say to make my mom sad? Am I going to have to march on over to the office and get all up in the doc’s grill? I mean, really?”

Mom eventually went back to the table to finish dinner with the family but I caught a look at her plate at the end of the meal and it was piled all high with Kleenex.


And now? Ever since that call? She’s always pickin’ me up, and huggin’ me way too tight, and kissin’ me on my head, of all things. Girl kisses! Yechh! Why can’t she let a fellow be all macho and tough without all this increased snuggling-type activity going on?

I just don’t get it.

To make matters worse, my sister has been acting about the same--hugging me a bit too much, kissing me a bit too often, just like mom. What is it with all these women and their kisses?

I mean, just the other day, I was busy minding my own macho doggie business when my sister suddenly swooped me up from the floor and insisted on holding me while she was talking to my big brother.


Can’t you see my urgent plea for help?


I finally just decided it was time to assert myself by jumping down and letting my sister know in no uncertain terms that it was really not very manly to be snuggled and huggled every single minute of every single day.


Here I am halfway to success making my getaway. But alas; it was all for naught. Sarah caught me at the last minute and restored me to Official Snuggle Position.


How embarrassing.


And then to continue with the ongoing humiliation, yesterday when it snowed, I figured that I should probably trot on outside and assess the situation, secure the perimeters--that sort of thing.


Next thing I knew, I was scooped right up by you-know-who and was forced to watch The College Dude do all the important assessing stuff. Women!


I mean, for crying out loud. The girls can’t even wrap presents without me. I have to lie up on the bed and pose in cute doggie poses, just so that they can dither over me as they wrap. What’s a guy gotta do to a break from these women?

I need some help over here.



Every time I turn around, someone is hugging me.


So yesterday, I was in the kitchen trying to gather my thoughts and escape from further hugging.


I finally just decided that I needed to take a little break from all that thought gathering and chill out a while. But since I’m a helpful sort of doggie person, I figured that before I did that, I would perform a little demonstration of how macho doggies like myself go about getting themselves into Official Lying Down Position.

First of all, you take one small little jump into the air to re-arrange the leg positions.


And then you plop right down on the rug and fervently commence to praying that no women will swoop down on you and kiss your head. Again. Sigh.


Now in my sister’s defense, I will admit that she did allow me outside last night to ponder The Falling of the Snow.


However, I asked to get back inside really quick because it was quite cold on my tootsies. Feet! I mean, feet! (See? The women are even affecting the way I talk!)


But as much as I complain about my family members, I guess I’ll have to admit that secretly I really do sorta, kinda like all that snuggling stuff.

My very favorite place to hang out is between two warm bodies. Ahhhh.


Dad’s lap makes a great snoozing spot, too.


And lying next to mom is always a sure fire place to be comfy. (Hmmm. I don’t know who got her a book calling her a dummy, but she seems pretty happy about it. So. Who am I to judge?) IMG_2367

But just so you don’t get the idea that I’m only capable of snoozing and snuggling, let me close out by sharing a nifty story featuring my mental acuity, ingenuity and athletic prowess.

The other night, The Fam was watching a video that Sarah had made on her computer. I was napping over on the side of the couch but eventually, I got a little curious as to what they were all laughing and talking about.

I made a few little “Hello? Pick me up, please?” noises, but no one seemed to noticed, entranced as they were by the mysterious images on that little screen.

Finally, my curiosity got the best of me. I did a bit of quick thinking and some calculating of distances and angles. (Just so you know? I did not get my math skillz from my mom.) After I had my game plan all figured out, I got up from the end of the couch and embarked on a nifty, stealthy, patented “Walk across the back of the couch, arrange myself between two people, put my paw on Sarah’s shoulder for support” adventure.

And this is where I ended up.

Pretty impressive, huh?


Here’s another view with The College Dude.


And an even closer view, should you want to further study my amazing technique.


No wonder they all love me so much. I’m a pretty impressive fella!


Note from Snowy’s mom:

We’ve all been amazed at how well Snowy has acted this weekend. He’s done very well eating and drinking, and “doing his business” and while he’s not frolicking around like a puppy, he seems content. No vomiting, no nausea, no odd behavior’s saying he doesn’t feel well.

We’re thankful for at least a temporary Christmas miracle!

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Anonymous said...

you're even cute as a pretend poodle!
glad you were feeling merry on the 25th.
woof and love from
mrs pam

Rachel said...

Awww Snowy thank you so much for that long and well thought out update. I'm so glad you are feeling better and that you got to be away from the evil vet office for Christmas. You mommie cried because she was worried about you - but you just keep right on eating and drinking and going "outside" and I don't think your mommie will cry as much. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, man. I know your mom appreciates the break from the computer; that was really thoughtful. I doubt that it will make her put you down, though; sorry. You're just going to have to roll with it. You and your family have been given a very special gift; one that nobody can buy and everybody is always in need of: TIME. I know that your family, of ALL families, understands just how valuable this gift is, so they are going to make the most of it. Which means, unfortunately for you, lots of snuggles and kisses and holding and other yucky, un-manly stuff. You're a real sport to put up with them... :<)
So glad, Becky, that you all were given this gift. With all that has happened over the past several weeks, I cannot help but to believe that God stepped in here to bless you with what you need most. For all of you to be there, including the College Dude, is just incredibly awesome. But then again....our God IS an awesome God!

Anonymous said...

Oh Snowy! I am so glad you are feeling better and enduring the cuddles and snuggles so gallantly! Truly a MACHO MALTESE!! Jojy

Ann Martin said...

What a joy to know that Snowy is doing so well at this time. Thanks, Snowy, for the delightful update. I like to snuggle my pup but he is so manly he pulls away unless he wants to snuggle. Typical male! Hope you enjoy your trip to Charlotte tomorrow weather permitting. Make the most of your time together. My brother's yellow lab crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Christmas night. No more pain for Abby. God bless with safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays! My dog Buddy is about 11 years old. He is a rescued mut, but we like to call him thoroughly bred. We happen to think he is the cutest, nicest, best, prettiest, most handsome, friendliest, well behaved, cuddliest, smartest... (get my drift) dog in the entire world. So I definately understand your concern, worries and compassion.happy he is doing better!

Anonymous said...

Snowy -- enjoyed your update. You just keep on feeling and acting great and forget all about those "numbers" that doctor keeps telling your mom about!! Hugs to each of you!
Linda in Pittsburgh

Alyssa said...

Thanks for updating Snowy. So glad that you had a nice weekend. You have so many ladies out here who love you =)

Anonymous said...

oh sweet Snowy. You are so loved.
Becky, as long as he stays engaged and seems happy then that is a good thing. Hopefully there are many more weeks of this.
Happy New Year to all of you.