Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pie, Oh Pie.

Last night some out-of-town blog friends took us out to a wonderful meal at the Kill Devil Grill.

If you’re ever vacationing in the area, this place is well worth a visit. It offers a cool atmosphere and fabulous food; in fact, Steve said the Rockfish dinner special he ordered was one of the best things he has eaten. Ever.

Sarah was especially entranced by the fact that they offered root beer floats and that the root beer was served in a real glass bottle. Life doesn’t get much better than that.

grill restaurant

Our friends, Cindy and Chlorita, had raved on and on about the restaurant’s incredible Key Lime pie and so Steve and I we ordered that.

My, oh my.

Or maybe I should say, Pie, oh pie.



(By the way, that is strawberry sauce on the plate and NOT ketchup. I wouldn’t want you to start pondering how in the world ketchup could possibly enhance the taste of key lime pie.)

Despite the multitudinous calories ingested, the evening was both fun and delicious and we are most grateful for the generosity and hospitality of our visiting friends.

And Speaking of Food . . .

A few of you dropped by the comment section of yesterday's Ramen Slaw post and left some tasty, creative variations on that recipe. (I love variations!)

I’ve copied those suggestions right next to where I posted the recipe; that way, if you decide to make it, the variations will be easy to find. I will try to also remember to do that in the future if variations or suggestions come in for any particular recipe.

And just so you know: you can go to the top of the Smithellaneous page to the search window and type in “recipes” if you want to find a particular recipe that has been posted in the past.

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Anonymous said...

Hey love, yes the food was great last night. But in my book, nobody's cookin' tops yours.


Anonymous said...

In my book, there is no better time with that spent with the Smith's!