Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waning Wobbliness

I did call my doctor yesterday about my strange symptoms and he said two things:

1) Discontinue the medication immediately

2) Go get blood work done immediately to check for liver issues.

He told me that this particular medication has a long half life so it might be a couple days all the way up to a week before I start noticing marked improvement in how I feel.

I wouldn’t be overly concerned with treating this fungus if were just a cosmetic issue but unfortunately the podiatrist said that it’s also changing the shape of my toe nails which are causing them to become ingrown and then they have to be cut out about once a year. Which is not so much fun. (Trust me on that.)

I did get my blood work results back earlier this morning and thankfully my liver function is fine, which is what my doctor was most worried about.

At any rate, that’s the scoop on that particular exciting aspect of my life! I’m sure you were hardly able to sleep last night, just thinking so much about me and the state of my toes. (Or not.)

I have a long, picture-filled update about 95% ready to go and will get it up sometime before bed time tonight.

Thanks for checking in and thanks too for your patience as I've had to slow down a bit while waiting for this wobbliness to wane.

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LizW said...

Keeping you in my prayers for all to soon be well. You were definitely being a good advocate for yourself in figuring out what might be wrong.

Pinocha15 said...

Glad you aren't a weeble-wobble anymore and are feeling better! And glad you found out what was probably the culprit!

Love, hugs and ladybugs.....
Linda R.

PS For some reason after I signed into Google, it used my nickname instead of the usual Linda R.

Sue G said...

So very glad you received revelation about your meds...and thought to contact the doctor...and had the ensuing blood work...and found out everything is great. Hopefully he will be able to suggest a different med without side effect issues.

Jan said...

Glad your liver is still lively. Wobbly is only good if you've just gotten off an exciting amusement park ride.

Continue on the mend...that's an order!

Jan Reuther

"E" said...

Obviously, Do not disregard any medical advice your doctor has, or any medication he prescribes, but I did have a little tidbit for you. I work on an oncology unit where our neutropenic patients pick up any number of infections. I was chatting with one of our wound care nurses (who went to Emory for about a month to get a special wound care certification) and she said Vics Vapor Rub works wonders on nail bed infections. You just coat the offensive nail and let it soak in for a little while, once or twice a day. I haven't tried it, but seeing that Vic's particularly benign in the medication world - it might be worth a shot. (There are some articles on google regarding this as well.)