Friday, June 17, 2011

The Golden Retriever Puppy Son Pot-Stirring Plot

Our family has always said that having Nathan around is just like having a Golden Retriever puppy; he is the world’s biggest tease and loves to stir something up if something isn’t already stirred.

Case in point?  Our family’s visit to Jockey’s Ridge when Nathan was home in May.

Steve and Sarah were striding purposefully, peacefully, and contentedly along.


All was well.  All was grand.   The Golden Retriever Puppy Son was not up to his usual tricks.  He was walking along with unusual calmness and restraint.

Until he glanced over and noticed the peace and calm emitting from The Dad and Sister Tableau.

And then?  The puppy instincts kicked in!   He thought of a plot to stir the pot! 

Yes!  It was a Golden Retriever Puppy Son Pot-Stirring Plot!


See if you can possibly guess what the plot consisted of.





If you guessed, “Running in circles” you were oh so right!

And then to make him even happier, he actually compelled Steve to join him in the circle chase!  Nothing makes a Golden Retriever Puppy Son any happier than to be chased!  In circles!  Yay!




Sarah waited for the Golden Retriever Puppy Son and his father to cease and desist in the continuing circling of her person.


Finally.  The excitement was over.  The circling ceased.  The Puppy Son trotted off to ponder his next moves.





Have I ever mentioned how much I love this fella?





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Anonymous said...

I just have to say I have a son just like Nathan. He is our pot stirer and we love him dearly. He adds tons of smiles to our lives. We are lucky to have a pot stirer. Is stirer a word?? :)

Shannon said...

well he is blonde...much like a Golden Retriever :)

Rachel said...

So sweet. You really have a gift of storytelling with pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Our Marine Son is the same with his younger sister. I always tell people his main goal when he is home is to drive her absolutely nuts!!! But she loves him dearly, which we all do!!! And she looks forward to when his next visit may be!!!

Dorine,Williston, ND

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. My brother and me used to do stuff like that all the time. One of our favorite activities was "The Tripping Game!"

Good luck today (or depending on when you read this) how did it go?

Where are the "soon to be" bride and groom registered (about a month left, right)?


Jan said...

You're right...Golden Retriever puppy is exactly what he brings to mind! What fun.

I, too, have a Golden Retriever puppy, now all grown up and married. But put him together with his older brother...also grown up, married, a father and a psychiatrist...and the puppies still come out to play!

Jan Reuther

jbaj said...

Reminds me of my oldest son too!

Deb M. said...

oh!!!! the fun you all have as a family. The love of life and each other jumps from the screen - in part, Becky, because you are so great at putting your pictures to life by your words! Just love following the Smith Family! my husband is in your neck of the woods for business oh how I wished it would have worked out where I could have gone along!
deb m
gb, wi

Lisa Burt said...

I wish I'd grown up in your family.X

Catherine said...

What great pictures. How is the wedding news developing? Such excitement this summer for your family.

So the new Mr and Mrs Smith will live in FL with in laws? Have they a honeymoon planned? They are so young, yet so grown up. Young adults here stay kids so long. They don't marry till they are in their 30s. My friends' kids are just starting this stage in life, and my Nathan aged son has years to go before he gets there if he is anything like his brothers, peers and classmates.