Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Too Old To Be Middle Aged

Well, our Monday night gig went pretty well.   Since we haven’t done that sort of thing in a very long time, it was definitely a (fun) step out of our comfort zone.

A couple hours before we left, Steve was rockin’ and groovin’ in the kitchen practicing his bass line.  Even though the whole house was shaking (he likes it loud!) it was cool having a real live (cute!)  bass player in the house.



When we got to the venue, the Good Life Gourmet . . .


. . .  I realized that I had forgotten to bring a basket along to put our bargain CD’s in.  I asked the owner of the place if he had a basket anywhere that I could borrow.

Now usually when you ask someone a question like that, there is a long pause while he or she thinks about Possible And/Or Probable Basket Locations.  But this guy didn’t even hesitate.  He said, “Yes, I have a basket you can borrow.”

And when he showed me this,  I just had to laugh.    


It was a really cool place that sold wonderful food (and food gifts) and was full of beautiful spots everywhere I looked.



Getting tuned up for evening.


Sitting contemplatively, trying to deal with a last minute case of nerves.


Here are a few shots from the evening taken by someone in attendance.  The lighting was a bit weird which made it hard to get real clear pictures but at any any rate, here are “The Middle Aged Minstrels” in all their glory.






So that was our big, scary event of the week.  We survived, we had fun . . .  and we went home exhausted. 

I think I’m too old to be middle aged.

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Anonymous said...

You look beautiful!! I love the outfit--very young and hip. I also like your hair that length! Forget about middle aged--looks like performing keeps you young!

LizW said...

Becky, you look terrific! I would love to have heard you and Steve play and sing. What fun!

Guerrina said...

You look great and we are not middle aged ... and I'm stickin' to it!

Margie said...

you both looked great. What's the lastes on the car?

Anonymous said...

You guys look great! I love the CD of yours I have. It's pure irony because we are of very different faiths but I find it so amazing and comforting. Did you get a large turnout? I hope you sold lots of CD's. For all of you out there I highly recommend purchasing a CD. I have Like A Blanket (did I get that right, Becky?)! It is simply amazing. The Smith's are amazing. Sarah even sings a "little diddy" too!

***I have not been bribed to suggest the Smith Family CD's. They would make a great holiday, birthday, Father's Day, or just because gift!


becky m said...

so how many of those baskets did you buy??? lol