Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Dresser

A couple nights ago when I went into Nathan’s room, I noticed that the top of his dresser was stacked with stuff. Since Nathan has not been home since May, I could only assume that the Stuff Stacker had to be someone who is currently in residence, which would be, um, me.

We’ve been so ridiculously busy lately that instead of putting things away, I’ve just laid miscellaneous items on the tops of various surfaces and thought, “I’ll deal with this later.”


Well, you’ll be so proud of me! I finally decided that the time had come to “deal with it.” And so, being the exemplary housekeeper that I am, I opened the second drawer of the dresser and prepared to sweep everything from the top of the dresser into the drawer. (As you can tell, I am an honored graduate of the Deal With It Later School of Housekeeping.)_DSC0033

But as things turned out, I was unexpectedly rendered incapable of moving ahead with my aforementioned cleaning plan when I looked into that second drawer and saw this._DSC0007

I saw basketball shorts that Nathan used to live in when he was at home; basketball shorts that he left behind when he took off on his new chapter of life.

Sitting right next to the shorts, I noticed his well loved Old Navy sweatshirt that I have seen him wear at least a billion times.


And as if finding the shorts and the sweatshirt wasn’t enough, I also found this plaque at the bottom of the pile of stuff on the dresser.



Steve and I had ordered the plaque after his graduation with plans to hang it up in the house so that we could see Nathan’s wonderful smile and be reminded of his great achievement. When it finally came in, I laid it on top of the dresser so we could find it easily when it was time to do the hanging. But alas. When all The Stuff piled up on the dresser, the plaque got just a wee bit buried until I rediscovered it.

Well. I’m sure you can completely understand that between the unexpected sighting of Nathan’s clothes and the unexpected revealing of his smiling face, I was a goner.

I wasn’t planning on crying. I wasn’t expecting to cry. I had no idea a Big Cry was in my future when I got ready to clean Nathan’s room. But what choice does a mama have when she is nine days away from her beloved son’s wedding and she happens upon unexpected signs of his sweet presence in her life?

And so. I cried awhile, stared at his clothes awhile, gazed at his picture awhile, and then finally wiped my eyes and got busy hanging the plaque on the wall in his bedroom.

This wall is the first thing Steve and I see when we come out of our bedroom and every morning since hanging it, I have come out of our room, looked up, and smiled.


I’m so glad I decided to “clean” the dresser. I'm so glad for the unexpected gift of old precious memories and new precious tears.


(Sarah painted the lighthouse picture when she was in the fourth grade, back when we never dreamed we’d be living just a few short miles away from that very lighthouse!)

And finally . . .

This is the last time I’ll mention this, but since my wonderful readers continue to e-mail me about it, here is the list of where Nathan and Meagan are registered: Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, Belk, and Walmart.

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Guerrina said...

Can you and Sheri post "Tissue Alerts"?! LOL! Between the 2 of you this morning, I'm almost out of tissue at work! That happy/sad/grateful feeling always brings me to tears where my son is concerned. Good thing I know this is about a wedding or I'd be sure you and Sheri were procreating! when are you guys leaving to go down to FL? Love you!

kimmy said...

Well, you did it to me again. I'm crying too! And I LOVE it about Sarah's lighthouse!!!

Anonymous said...

super graduation picture of Nathan!

save some tears for the rehearsal and the wedding!

Sarah's lighthouse is quite impressive for a 4th grader!

mrs pam

Lisa said...

I am a RABIB anti stuff stacker. Hubby and the kids are the worst ever. I love my kitchen counter clear of ALL clutter only allowing for the paper towel holder which I am going to get an under the cabinet one. Hubby and kids make things appear like rabbits in mating season on my main counter, its such a battle to keep it clear. When I was in the hosp a few weeks ago for surgery I came home 3 days later to a mountain!!! I could not do anything about it either. I am now well enough to clean things at hip level and now I am happy again...
When is the wedding?