Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scary Nails And Dancing and Memories

It occurred to me yesterday that I am sort of a conservative, mild mannered person who rarely makes a splash in any of the worlds that I inhabit.

And so I told myself, “You know what? Enough is enough. I am tired of always blending into the background. I am tired of my mild-mannered-ness. I am going to show up at my son’s wedding with a splash of panache. I am going to go out and get myself some long and dramatic fingernails!”

And so I did.

What do you think? Just right? Too much? Should they be longer? (You know I always love to get my readers’ opinions!)


I don’t know; I sort of like them myself. I think they suit me pretty well. I think I’m going to keep them!

I am woman, here me ROAR!


While I was doing my dramatic nails, Sarah, Sheri and Meagan were doing the whole pedicure thing.


And when the whole thing was said and done, I did decide to have my nails cut just a tad. I mean really, how can one type Smithellaneous posts while sporting “scary nails?” (Of course, I was kidding about keeping them that long.)

Here’s what I ended up with—my very first acrylic nails ever. Sarah also got French tips, but hers were just painted on.


And here are Sarah, Meagan and me—the Nail Sisters.


After our stint at the nail salon, we took Nathan and Meagan out to eat. Since the restaurant was right across the parking lot from the hotel, we just walked on over. Or skipped, as the case may be.


In the midst of the skipping, I told Nathan and Meagan to stop for a moment so that I could take advantage of a strategically placed ray of sun. You can tell that Meagan is still skipping in her heart.


After dinner, the four of them tried to do that “funny walk” thingie, which created merriment for them and all the many people in the parking lot.


Then it was back to our room to practice our mother/groom dance. I am so not a dancer.


All I can do is giggle.

And treasure the memories.


(P.S. All of the ladies afflicted with food poisoning and/or the flu are back on their feet and doing well. Hooray!)

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MaryH said...

Hooray for feeling better! It is obvious you are having a great time - can't believe it is only 2 days away. Becky, thank you for your message - I am working through missing my mom - it will take awhile. Thank you for thinking of me in the midst of your important days - that means so much - now, go out and have more fun.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What precious...precious memories my friend.

Enjoy EVERY minute.


Anonymous said...

So glad everyone is feeling well and that you are all enjoying some well-deserved pampering. Loved the original talons, but agree they might have been a bit too much! Here's to everything running smoothly for the final 48-hour countdown! Can't wait for pics!

Linda from Ohio

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Perfect! Sassy!

Pampering---You deserve it! Your son (maybe it should be "SUN") only gets married once!

Glad to hear everyone is feeling better!

Enjoy, all the moments!


Guerrina said...

Just popped in from the MOB's blog...wiping tears! So glad you are taking some time to just have fun & pampering! The only thing I could think of when I saw the talons was, "How will she play the piano?" Love the French manicure - always classy! Enjoy this incredible moment in your life and know that Jesus is guiding you in your dance! Love, Guerrina

Anonymous said...

I love this! Enjoy it all. Jill-FL

Anonymous said...

I just love weddings. Thank you for sharing all of the festivities. Many blessings be upon the happy couple. Anna

Anonymous said...

Aaand now to spend 2 days desperately trying to avoid chipping your beautiful new manicures. Hehehehehe.

So excited to hear about the upcoming weekend!!!

Beverly said...

Love the nails! I've never done acrylic nails before, and oh my, was I ever suprised when I took my daughter for a set for her eight grade dance. I looked over, saw these long claw things on every finger, and had to speak up about making them more appropriate. Much to her embarressment, of course!
Have a wonderful wedding weekend!

Jan said...

Thank you for updating here on Wedding Central! Glad the sickies are all better, and your nails look fantastic!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for keeping your web family updated!! Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding! :)

Sue G said...

I am so happy for your family. What an immeasurably joyful and spiritual time. May you be covered in blessings as God brings two special families together to honor Him and live for Him.

God does such wonderful things. We need to get out of His way more so He can give us all the gifts He has for us!

Chris P. said...

Becky, I'm so glad you decided to have the nails trimmed!!!!

leeanne said...

Keep on enjoying every single minute!! Such a precious and special time for all of you. Cant wait to see pictures!!

Anonymous said...

So excited that tomorrow is the big day! I can't wait to hear all about it and see lots of photo's! Your nails look wonderful, what a nice girls day outing. I will be thinking about the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith tomorrow, as well as the other Smith's and the brides family.

Cindy from Sonoma

Guerrina said...

Becky & Sheri - the Mothers of - just know you're being thought of and prayed for! Ahh...tonight and tomorrow - craziness & joyfulness! Remember to BREATHE! I think all of your blog friends, like me, are just holding our breaths on your behalves! Love ya' both!

Rosemary said...

I don't comment often, but I love your blog. Just wanted to say that you are all in my thoughts this weekend! I'm sure it was magical...

Rachel said...

Thinking about you all today. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday! :)

Anonymous said...

Still following you and loving your family. Cannot wait to hear about the blessed day. Send us lots of pictures too!
How wonderful God's provision is for each of us.

Sheila from St. Louis

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