Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Picture of Peace

The road home from my recent doctor’s appointment took me through the little town of Columbia, NC, where I stopped for a while to take some pictures.  I ended up losing track of time, which we photographers are famous for.  When I finally glanced at my watch and saw that it was almost 6 pm, I called Sarah to tell her I was running late. 

Before I could say another word she inquired, “Thrift store or picture taking?”

She knows me so well.  

(And I did go to a thrift store earlier in the day so she was actually right on both counts.)

I have driven through this particular town dozens of times and have always said to myself, “I really need to stop and take some pictures.”  I was so glad I finally did because it was a lovely, clear afternoon and I had the most rejuvenating time discovering beauty around every corner.

columbia bridge 060

columbia bridge 233

columbia bridge 062

columbia bridge 081

columbia bridge 093

columbia bridge 247

columbia bridge 102

columbia bridge 341

When I drove a little further through the town, I saw a different kind of “scenery.”  The local school had been flooded during the hurricane and a massive clean up effort was going on. Since I have always had a teacher’s heart, I couldn’t help but pull over and take a few pictures in honor of the people who have been effected by this disaster.   (The town had also experienced a tornado with the hurricane.)

columbia bridge 411

columbia bridge 414



columbia bridge 417

columbia bridge 425

Even though those pictures are not beautiful in themselves, they do represent the beautiful, strong spirits of parents, teachers and students who have been faced with devastation but have determined to rebuild and go forward.

Posting this last picture of peace in honor of all who have suffered in this storm.

columbia bridge 267

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Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures! I really love the last one.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, as always! The one of the bridge and trees reflecting in the lake is so incredible. Absolute perfection for a family shoot.... :<) Praying for all of those whose lives have been turned upside down by flood and wind... I know your sweet family has been a blessing to many of them.

Anonymous said...


These pictures are AMAZING! I look at many of them thinking if I were there and these were post cards I would pick "this" one up to remind me of my trip. I rarely send post cards but rather select/purchase them to help me remember something special.

Do you do any editing before you post them?

Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods. After weeks of 90+ (105+ with the heat index) days; today is day three of temperatures between 58-62 degrees (40's at night). It's chilly, but, having the air off and the windows open, feels amazing!


Jessica Kramasz said...

Amazing photos - absolutely beautiful, and well worth being late for!

Anonymous said...

What fantastic pictures. You have an incredible eye for beautiful composition regardless of the subject. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, although you paint amazing "pictures" with your words also.
Thank you! You are a special lady.

Margie said...

I am sure adorable is not the word Sarah would choose to describe herself, but she is. I love these pictures. She even looks a bit like you in some of the shots. She is also beautiful. These are the kind of pictures to use if you were in the photography business.

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