Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: The Beautimous Bride. And the Goofy-esque Groom.

And of course we couldn’t possibly let a Wedding Wednesday go by without
a glimpse of the goofy-esque groom to go along with the beautimous bride.  

Of course, the bride looks like she is having absolutely no trouble
keeping up with the groom in the goofy department so that bodes well for a long
and exceedingly happy (not to mention fun) marriage.
 (Pictures taken on the honeymoon.)
sad face

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Catherine said...

The dresses Meagan picked for herself and the bridesmaids are just so pretty. Love them. And the colors for the wedding are the most gorgeous I have ever seen. What a beautiful summer wedding! Thanks, Becky, for sharing it with us.

Guerrina said...

What stunning pictures! I love the black & whites!

becky m said...

yay for wedding pics...a friend of mine is engaged and only speak (blog) of wedding ideas and wedding stuff on Wednesday because of the alliteration. i thought you would think it cool also and add to your wedding Wednesdays as well,lol. she also likes to "make up" cool words like weddingment kinda like randonments but for random wedding thoughts and both apparently made up.

Diane said...

Beautiful pictures, very creative. Beautiful bride and handsome groom. Was Meagan sitting on the floor in the picture looking down on her? Love her bouquet and dress!

Anonymous said...

Hey! First of all, I just wanted to say that I have never met you and you do not know me but I found your blog through a friend and your family is absolutely beautiful. You can tell that you enjoy being around each other and it just blesses my heart. Secondly, there have been few Wednesday lately where I have not at some point during my day though "Oh! It is wedding Wednesday" haha. Thanks for letting us in on your joy!

Anonymous said...


Yes I was sitting on the ground for that one picture. However, I was in a "clean" spot with a sheet under my dress so it would not be dirty for the big day :)

Meagan :)