Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Tired. Happy. Married. In Love.

Hello and welcome to another Wedding Wednesday!   Judging by the comments I get, you all love Wedding Wednesdays as much as I do so let’s get started.

One of the special things about the wedding ceremony was that Nathan and Meagan invited their dads to come forward to do a special reading and prayer.    (I mean, what good is it to have dads who are both ordained ministers if you’re not going to put them to work, right?) 

Here are Frank and Steve, waiting for their part to come.

steve frank edit

It was such a sweet, sweet moment.


(The two people in the middle are John—Meagan’s brother-in-law—and Amanda, who co-officiated the ceremony.)

wedding talk edit


Can you tell the bride is a wee bit happy at the official husband and wife pronouncement?  Believe me when I say that her enthusiasm produced a big chuckle from the congregation.

end of weding edit

There will be more ceremony pictures coming soon . . . but now?  A few photos from the honeymoon.

The last night on the ship.  Don’t they look like they’ve been married for years and years?  They’re just so right for each other.


I loved the fact that some of the pictures Nathan and Meagan took  on their honeymoon highlighted the wonderful service people who don’t usually get a lot of attention.  It’s wonderful that they both look through eyes that don’t separate people by wealth or reputation or station in life; they just love people in general.  These pictures (with Meagan’s accompanying captions from Facebook) really illustrate that.

“This was our waiter; he was so good at his job.” 

306471_587368842138_116701404_32253154_1162115516_n (1)

“This was our house keeper. He was so nice and always had a different animal on our bed at night made out of towels.”


“This lady was so sweet and she helped me in choosing a purse so I asked to take a picture with her.”


“So we thought they were kidding when they said we could have a limo ride back to the ship but they weren't. This was a taxi!”


In the next two pictures, they were waiting for a show to start on the ship and decided to entertain themselves by doing “opposite faces.”  (Can you imagine how wonderfully crazygoofy their kids are going to be?) 



A few more to close with . . .



Here they are arriving home.  Tired.  Happy.  Married. In love. 


Let me just mention before I close that Nathan recently got a promotion to shift leader at Chick-Fil-A which means he has been given a whole lot more responsibility including having keys to the safe.  Way to go, Nate!

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Deb said...

Love Wedding Wednesday! It might be because you could not invite us all and this way we still get to share it with you. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures! Oh, and another daughter-in-law works at Chick-fil-A!

Gayle in AL (but currently visiting the newlyweds in Fairfax, VA) :)

becky m said...

love the pictures....and yay for Nathan bet makes married life a little easier to manage finically...and they can get their first dream home/place a little sooner.

and im glad they seem to be giant picture takers like you so we could get a glimpse at their honeymoon as well.