Friday, November 18, 2011

Manteo Morningscape.

Before showing the morningscape of Manteo (for new readers, Manteo is the town in North Carolina where I live), let me just mention that I'm linking up today with Kelly at Kelly's Korner who is featuring "older bloggers."  

And that's really sort of funny because just a couple days ago, I was mentioned on the wonderful Pennington Point as being an older blogger.  Lisa Pennington is one of my favorite bloggers so if you haven't been by her blog, you need to do so.  

(But please finish reading this post before you go.  Thank you.)

But since being dead is the only alternative to being older, I am more than happy to be residing in these middle-aged years. (I'll be fifty in March, if anyone is wondering.)

Alrighty then. If you're a new reader from Kelly's Korner or The Pennington Point, it's nice to meet you.  I hope you stop by again soon and hear all about what it's like to be . . . um . . .  older.   

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a gray hair to pluck.  (From my chin, not my head.)

long lens 172

early november 036

long lens 132

early november 044

long lens 167
long lens 184
long lens 173
early november 020
long lens 121

long lens 181

I hope you enjoyed your peaceful tour through a Manteo Morningscape.
Let me just mention one other thing . . .
You may remember me writing a few weeks ago about installing a new commenting system.   As you may have noticed, it did get installed (and is fully functional) at the bottom of the blog; however, it has not yet successfully been installed where it’s supposed to be, which is under each post. 
The blog designer who was working on it for me ran into some technical glitches having to do with the template I’m using. Then her sister was put in the hospital and then her whole family got the flu. 
So.  We continue to wait.  (And waiting is not one of my gifts.)
It could be possible that she won’t be able to get it installed the way it should be, in which case I may have to make a few changes (possibly switch to Wordpress from Blogger) to facilitate having this particular commenting system up and running.  It’s a system which I know we all love because it provides the chance to not just comment on my posts but also comment on each others’ comments as well which is a really cool way to build on the wonderful Smithellaneous community we already have.
As always, thank you for stopping by here today; I appreciate my wonderful readers more than you can ever know.

21 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Gail Puckett said...

Pictures are beautiful Becky

Jan said...

Oh my! Great photography of great views! Thank you for sharing, Becky!

MaryH said...

Do you sometimes marvel at the fact that you LIVE in such a magnificent example of Nature's beauty? What a gift to be able to view all of that whenever you want. Thank you for sharing your beautify village with us through your photos- you have many gifts and am so glad you happily use them. Loved the wedding photos agan.

LeeAnne said...

Stunning photos Becky! You never disappoint! Thank you for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

Best photos so far!!!
Other Jan (Toledo)

Jenna said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful images! I just had such a tough morning that included driving in a bitter cold (in the minus twenties)through tons of snow and very slick roads to an intense work meeting and then to a rather painful dr appointment. I got lost in a parkade, skidded into intersection on the ice- it was just one of those
days! And then to be able to see the beautiful photos of your
exquisite corner of the world filled me with calm and made my day so much better! Thanks so
much and blessings to you today.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are breathtaking!!!

Gayle in AL

Margie said...

Loved the pictures Becky. They really are spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Those photos are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!

Kimberly said...

Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. What beautiful pictures. A great way to start my day. Hope its a good day for you.

Joyce said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I read back a bit and am glad your daughter is doing well. At the moment my 17 year old niece is battling a very agressive form of leukemia,and is due to have a bone marrow transplant in a few weeks. She has some complications now that are scary. I hate cancer.

Your new d-i-l is adorable and the photos are beautiful. Wishing you a blessed Thankgsiving!

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, it's absolutely gorgeous there! You definitely live in a very pretty town :)

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