Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Writing Memories

You are being personally welcomed to today’s Wedding Wednesday
by the the bride and groom themselves!


They’re saying, “Come on in!  It’s gonna be fun!”


Of course, wherever these two go, fun follows.


In fact, when Steve was asked to lead in prayer before the luncheon,
everyone closed their eyes except for one
certain groom. He couldn’t seem to stop grinning long enough to engage in
any prolonged eye closing. 

(And yes, that is the mother of the groom you see holding a
pocketbook twice the size of the Titanic. I carried a small, elegant purse for the
ceremony but I started breaking out in hives at the thought
of being separated from my jumbo “mom purse” for any length of time.
I might need an intervention.)


During the luncheon, the bride and groom made the rounds, hugging folks . . .


. . . and showing off those certain items of jewelry that had
transformed them into Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Smith.


Then it was time for a little dancing. . .


. . . before heading outside with their assorted attendants
for a few more poses and pictures.


And also, some kissing.



But a bride and groom can only be all lovey-dovey for so long before the
Real World intrudes. And in this case,
the Real World arrived in the
form of Nathan’s groomsmen.

Can you tell that Meagan loves hanging out with these fun fellas?


Of course, she enjoys this fun fella quite a bit, too.


In fact, if there was one word to sum up the
relationship that Nathan and Meagan have, it would be fun.

Big, big, fun.

The two of them are really funny on their own but when you put them together?
They are a HOOT!



When I look at their faces, I can’t help but think of the song I wrote for their ceremony,
”Love is the song, we are the melody.
Today we’ll start writing our own memories.”


Let the memory writing begin.



Gail left a comment asking if Nathan and Meagan would be here for Thanksgiving.

This year, they will celebrate Thanksgiving with Meagan’s family in Florida and then at Christmas,  they will come and be with us.

I thought I had come to grips with the whole idea of this being our first Thanksgiving without Nathan until I found myself crying in the potato chip aisle of the grocery store last night.  I had paused to choose some chips and happened to see one of Nathan’s favorite flavors: Kettle Cooked Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper. They reminded me of when he lived at home and always jumped around in fine Golden Retriever puppy fashion whenever a new bag of chips was opened.  He’d say, “Oooh, Mom! Let me have the first chip!  The first chip in the bag always tastes the best!”

That little routine always made me smile.

But last night?  When I saw those chips and heard his wacky little chip spiel in my head?  I will admit I shed a few mommy tears right there next to the Sea Salt.

Although it won’t be easy having this first holiday without my beloved firstborn (and his marvelous bride) here, it makes it a lot more bearable knowing that he will be surrounded by in-laws who love him and treat him as one of their own.  He is so blessed to be a part of that wonderful family and my mama heart is full, knowing that he will be surrounded by plenty of laughter and good times. And also really great food.  (Although probably not Sea Salt chips.)

In closing, we have made some extra, extra special plans for our Thanksgiving meal which I’ll write about after it’s all over!


9 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Gail Puckett said...

Becky, love the pictures, I can now go about my regular Wednesday programming. I remember the first holiday I had without my son, he was 18 and had left for the Navy two weeks before Christmas. Every picture you see of me that Christmas I was clutching a cell phone hoping against hope,they would let him call me. (they didn't). I was a pitiful looking sight that year.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!!
But, Becky, I just hate those cliffhanger endings! :-)

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! It looks like they truly had a lot of fun! :)

Gayle in AL

Anonymous said...

They look like they are having the time of their lives. Megan has such an expressive face.

Fun sure makes marriage a lot more....FUN!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Connie F-G

becky m said...

Love the pics, i cant imagine how they had much free time with all those picture posing moments...but it looks like they enjoyed every minute of it.

Diane said...

Wedding Wednesday is so much fun. The pictures are incredible. They just keep getting better every week. All of those different poses and so many, and yet Megan's veil is always so perfect placed.

Anonymous said...

you won't believe what my favorite picture was...the top of Nathan's head: that's a fantastic haircut!

Sarah is always a beautiful angel.

Happy Thanksgiving! My stepchildren (from nyc) will be here in about an hour. they haven't been to st lou for thanksgiving for five years, so I am very excited to see them. and you know what they will be doing first? ....
decorating my Christmas tree and hanging up my outside lights. For 20 years, we always celebrated Christmas on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but they will be heading home that day. the good news for me is that I do not do any cooking. will have dinner tonight at stepson's house.

mrs pam

Marshmallow Woman said...

Oh Becky, they look just perfect together!

And call me old style, but I still think that the relationships that spring from friendship are the bestest. :)

Kisses from Rome to all the Smiths!

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