Friday, May 1, 2009

He Has GOT To Be Kidding!

I have so enjoyed reading every one's Happy Pandemic Lists. Talk about a lot of variety--you guys are amazing!

Last night, I was reading some of the lists out loud to Sarah and we just had the best time getting to know you all better by getting to know about your "thanksgivings." And by the way, if you haven't written your list yet it's not too late because I am definitely in a "reading more lists" mood today.

Yesterday, Steve and I splurged a bit and went to an afternoon matinee. Now there's something you need to know about me and that is whenever I go to a movie, I HAVE to have peanut M&M's. It is a Long Standing, Non-Alterable Becky Smith Tradition.

Steve almost always gets popcorn but yesterday as we were going into the theater he said he was going to save the $4 and not get any.

I said, "Well, what are you going to eat for a snack?"

He replied, "I'll just have some of your M&M's."

Just like that. Matter of fact. Calm. No big deal.

I thought, "This man has been married to me for twenty seven years and he STILL thinks he can partake of my limited, hoarded, splurged-on supply of chocolate? He has GOT to be kidding!"

I stopped dead in my tracks, looked at him and (quietly) shrieked, "You're going to share WHAT?"

He looked sort of surprised and said, "Um. Your M&M's?"

I just shook my head in sadness and disbelief. I know our wedding vows said something about "With all my worldly goods, I thee endow" but I really don't recall those wedding vows specifically mentioning chocolate. Or M & M's."

With a great "Harrumph," on my part, we filed into the theater auditorium and settled into our seats. I immediately began to happily crunch on my candies while all the while Steve crunched on, well, absolutely nothing.

It wasn't long before his blatant, non-crunching behavior started creating in me a few teeny tiny twinges of guilt.
I thought to myself, "This is the man who has put up with my moods, foibles and insecurities for twenty seven years. He told me I looked beautiful even when I was fourteen months pregnant and weighed more than a walrus. He changes the oil in my car. He makes our bed on a regular basis. He holds the door for me. He surprises me with flowers. He tells me often that he loves me. He (occasionally) picks up his dirty socks. He mops the kitchen floor when I'm too tired. He kills hairy, scary spiders."

Now people, you would have been so proud of me.
After going through that mental list of my husband's wonderfulness, I made a decision. I made a difficult decision. I made a self-sacrificing, Wife-Of-The-Year kind of decision.

I reached deep down into my bag of treasured morsels.

And I gave him SIX M & M's.

My generosity amazed even me.

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Jane Copes (Professor Sepoc) said...

Is that 6 out of a small package or 6 out of a big one? I think you were very generous either way!

Bethany Jones said...

I'm proud of you Becky! I had the same experience at a restaurant yesterday except that the peanut m&ms was a strawberry brownie. I share one entire bite with my beloved Mathew and was very proud of the unselfeshness. Speaking of gratitude -- I am grateful for chocolate and that there are just enough m&m's in a package or just enough brownie on a plate to share with a loved one.

Sue G said...

Hey, have you ever tried mixing peanut M&M's with KFC mashed potatoes?

I hear that both will go farther that way when you are forced to share them!

Now awaiting a story about sharing food with Nathan and Snowy...the only family members left in the I Was Guilted Into Giving series. :-)

Pam D said...

Sometimes, I honestly think Steve just does this stuff because he loves the attention he'll get when you blog about it. Seriously.. how could he NOT know by now that you don't play well with others when it comes to chocolate? Perhaps, in his own somewhat skewed way, this is how he shows love. ("Pile toilet paper into a tower in the hall; check. Ask for M&Ms, knowing good and well that the stress of THAT will make Becky's eyes pop out of her head.. check. Great; I've given her TWO good blog entries for the week; I am such a good husband!" as he walks away, patting himself on the back..).

buffalo becky said...

that story was great, i loved it. i felt the same when i stumbled on these little debbie 100 calorie brownies they are wonderful choloate bits of greatness, sadly i cant just eat one. well he,my guy, stole some and i was in despair, so the other day he buys himself some entimens(can't spell) brownie bites. he decides he doesnt like them and say here. i don't mind them. so later he goes and eats more of my lovely lil debbie and says, now i can eat these cuase i gave you those....uummm what!! well needless to say im down a cpl lil debbies.

Jennifer said...

Oh goodness - too funny! I really hope it enjoyed those six M&Mx and the sacrifical love behind them!! :)