Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Thrift Store Goody Give Away Is Over

You know what? I'm really, really thankful to have readers who are so happy about getting stuff from a Thrift Store, from all places. You all are my kind of people!

The two Thrift Store Goody Give Away winners will be posted this afternoon.

Also, here the answers to couple guest book questions:

Lesley asked if I noticed the grammatical errors that show up in guest book entries.

Actually, that's a very funny question and something I've not thought much about. I think the answer would be that one level of my brain probably does notice them, but mostly I don't pay much attention because it's just such a relief to read something and not be responsible for making it accurate.

When I'm actually writing an update, I'm always thinking about grammar and spelling and it's really fun not to think about those things when reading comments.

In fact, I'm just so happy to actually SEE everyone's comments that you could misspell every word and I wouldn't even mind!

(Wait. Did I just misspell "misspell?" Nope. I just looked it up and it was right. See what I mean? Editing myself is way too much work; why would I ever want to edit you guys, too?)

Sue asked what we would do with $100 for fun. (And Sue, you mentioned OTHER questions I haven't answered? If you asked something else, it has obviously fled my little brain entirely. I'm afraid you will have to re-ask.)

As for the answer (and if it were all up to me), I would either put the entire amount on 4 tickets to one of the big Broadway shows they do in Raleigh OR I would put it in an envelope and pull out a little at at time for movies, bowling, Putt-Putt, and ordering in pizza. (Which is a huge luxury.)

It's kind of a fun topic to contemplate. How about the rest of you? What would you do with $100 of fun money? Maybe you'll give the rest of us some good summertime fun ideas.

And speaking of fun,
Karen, one of my readers, sent me this Movie link which lists free kid's movies that are playing at Regal theaters all summer. You can go to the link and search by your zip code to find the theater that is nearest you. What a great idea!

Speaking of movies, on Friday night, our family went to see Monsters Vs. Aliens at the wonderful $2 theater in town. I'm not a big fan of animated movies OR alien movies, but that movie was truly delightful. As a creative person myself, I have to tip my hat to the incredible creativity of writers and directors who can create those kinds of stories.

Remember! Winners of my first ever Thrift Store Goody Give Away will be announced this afternoon! (And there will be more Thrift Store Goody Give Aways to come!)

10 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Sue G said...

Have sent you a private email. Thanks for answering my question. :-)

Pam D said...

Hola! I am back from the land of scouting... hip, hip, hooray! Whew; it was exhausting, but I already miss camp; I got to be with some of my favorite people in the world (both big AND small) for 8 or 9 hours a day. And to be at a place where SO many people are willing to volunteer their time (quite a few actually took vacation hours from work to be there), and where there are so many Boy Scout role models for our little Cubs to follow? Well, let's just say that it's the highlight of my year. And since camp costs $100 for a boy to attend, I suppose that if I had a spare $100, I'd use it to send a boy to camp who couldn't go otherwise. That would give me more pleasure than anything else that I could do for "fun".

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky...had to get caught up on some of my reading here.Whew, I missed some important reading I see while doing all my motherly and grandma duties,um, I meant fun things. Anyways, I am an avid "goodwill shopper". I wear nice dress pants and shirts to match..all from the goodwill that are expensive brand names if bought in the store. I love getting a deal!! I also love garage sales. Yesterday my hubby and I found a new down feather king size pillow top for our bed. They had $25.00 on it. My husband insisted on getting it cheaper so offered $15.00..and by golly he got it for that. It was most comfortable last night sleeping. It was brand new still in the bad? Wow, what a deal that was.
What would I do with a extra $100.00 for fun. Hmm, probably put gas in our truck and go riding in the country together and take awesome photos of farms. Gas in MI right now is near $3.00 a gal. This is not good with so many people out of work..including us.
Hugs to you Becky. Praying for new job for Steve. How is that going anyways?

kimmy said...

I think we would go see a good movie, and buy popcorn, cherry coke, ..the works!
And if I had any left over, I would go to Starbucks. :D

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