Friday, June 5, 2009

Move Along Folks; There's Nothing To See Here

Isn't that what police officers always say when they're trying to move bystanders away from a certain area of police activity?

Well, in actuality, I don't really want you to "move along" because, as always, you are welcome to camp out here at Smithellaneous as long as your little (or big) heart desires.

However, the "There's nothing to see here" part is pretty accurate.

I have spent over two hours today starting (and discarding) two different entries. Each time, I got sorta impatient with them and thought, "Hmmmm. There's nothing to see here."

So if I'm not liking my own writing very much, I would certainly not be fond of foisting it upon my fine and fabulous friends.

The truth of the matter is that life is sort of closing in on me at the moment. I'm feeling slightly discouraged, quasi-depressed and a tad bit soggy in spirit which simply means that writing inspiring and/or funny words is a bit of a challenge.

And so . . . if a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll sign off with a few pictures, just so you're sure to get your money's worth from your visit here today.

As far as pictures go, I know that I usually post pictures of Sarah on her web page but since Snowy is also in the picture, I figured that maybe I could get away with posting them here on the family page instead. If anyone has a problem with those particular improper posting procedures, you shall be whipped twenty times with a wet noodle. So take THAT!

Okay. Moving right along . . .

Sarah was in the midst of sorting the laundry and obviously thought she needed an assistant. I'm not real certain that Snowy was thrilled about the whole endeavor but he tried to be a good sport.

He even managed to pose manfully for the inevitable mommy-taken photo. (Or at least as manfully as a fluffy white doggie can possibly pose while being carried around in a laundry basket by a GIRL!)

Here is a similiar photo except this time it features The Dithering Mother in the Mirror. (That sounds like the title of an opera.)

Snowy was at long last rescued from the laundry basket by the lovely fair maiden and is now contemplating a lifetime of therapy to get over the trauma and indignity of the Laundry Basket Incident Of 2009. Poor fella.

Alrighty then. Two things in closing:

1. All entries for the give away are due by midnight Saturday. Um. Not that I'll be awake at that time, or anything.

2. Becky from the UK asked the difference between a thrift store and a consignment store.

As a rule, consignment stores sell things on behalf of customers, with the consignment store and customer dividing up the proceeds according to a certain percentage. Therefore, consignment stores are more expensive to shop at because they are trying to make some money for their consignors as well as themselves.

At a thrift store, however, merchandise is usually just donated outright and the people who donate don't receive any money. Therefore, the selling price can be a lot less. And usually (but not always) the proceeds from thrift stores go to help the needy.

I'm now going to take my "soggy in spirit" self away. See ya soon!

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Lyndsay said...

I'm sorry things are still so unsettled for the Smith's. I wouldn't do well with that sort of uncertainty, so I can understand how it's getting you down.
Good thing you've got such beautiful laundry helpers to make you smile!

Sue G said...

Dear slightly discouraged, quasi-depressed and a tad bit soggy:

Believe me, if I had to keep my house picture perfect clean for months on end because it is for sale, I, too, would be sdqdts (refer to above)! That alone would send me into the proverbial toilet (not the real one, even if it is really, really clean).

I think you guys need to think of something really fun to do (obviously answering any of my comment questions does not qualify or perhaps you might have actually answered them). If you had a spare $100 sitting around that could NOT be spent on fun stuff like bills and food, what would you do?

Really. What?

Anonymous said...

"Dithering Mother in the Mirror" LOL
Seriously though...hope you feel better soon.
Kim from TN

Pam said...

Gosh, I wish I lived by you so I could be of some help. It's hard to help de-sog someone from across the country. I check on you and the family every day. Hope you have a happy weekend! Pam

Anonymous said...

I recommend a picnic. Being in nature, with food, and the ones I love always makes me feel better. Picnics are inexpensive and you have to eat anyway! Hope your spirits get lifted. Anna from TN

MaryH said...

I don't think you have to worry about posting regulations or even funny entries - just do what you did and let us know how you feel and we will do all we can from all corners of this country and/or world to "unsog" you. I seem to agree with Sue G. a lot - but I don't think that is a bad thing - great know...anyway, gather up any loose changes and/or disposable cash (I never understand that term and if I EVER had some, maybe I would) - I digress - just consider doing what Sue G. suggested - she has me thinking now also....let's see - $100 could take me where, to see what and give me a much needed break from the "sdq-dtbs's". Oh, and your thrift shop bargains are the best - but then, the cute little figure you have going on now helps a lot! Be proud of that one, Becky. Take Care - you're in my prayers

Marysienka said...

I agree with MaryH, you don't have to worry about what kind of entry you are going to post; we appreciate them all! And what I like from you is that you are honest in what you write. Personally, this is what I find the most important in a blogger. But I have to say I worry sometimes as well, when I have a couple of posts in a row that are not very fun/optimistic/happy... But hey, that is life after all!

Warm hugs from Canada,


lesley said...

Aww Becky...I am the same way. I find it very difficult to post when privately I am struggling, Especially financially for some reason. It's hard to be light-hearted and see humor in things and then convey them to others without sounding 'flat'.
It sounds like the crunch is on for you right now. Hang in there, there WILL be light on the other side of this. At least, that's what I tell myself lately, fingers crossed.
Praying for a job for Steve very shortly, a new home by September, another fabulous college year for Nathan(with help from the loan!) and some brand new sparkling friends for Sarah to add to the wonderful ones she already has.

I was wondering, when you are reading our myriad of responses do you mentally notice every grammatical error we make? I am thinking you do and you can't help doing so! lol.

Ann Martin said...

Hope you are better "in spirit" by now. We just have to have those times once in a while. Seems like my time has been spent on the telephone the past two days. Lots going on here.

Like your helpers with the laundry. I have a helper--usually two--the black puppy and black cat. Since the cat is almost twice the size of the puppy I have no problem separating them. Just when I sit down I have one on each side so I can't move! Oh well, such is the life with precious four-footed family members. The cat is currently on 4 meds per day (all 4 in the morning--2 pills, 2 capsules, 1 1/2 dropper liquid, and 1 teaspoon of gel) and at night just the liquid. Two days down and 12 to go. Wish me luck as I continue opening her mouth.
Ann in RR