Monday, June 1, 2009

Shower Curtains and Miracles

So here's the deal.

I took my camera along on Steve's and my weekend trip to South Carolina, thinking that since this was one of our few opportunities to go out and do something interesting, I could snap a few fabulous, scintillating pictures along the way and create a lively and lovely photo journal for you all to enjoy.

Because I'm nice like that.

Well, I DID take some pictures. In fact, I took more than one picture. I took several pictures. I snapped away with feverish alacrity and fervent enthusiasm.

The pictures I took will reveal the scope and breadth and depth of our journey. They will uncover the nuances and subtleties of our excursion to our southern sister state. They will make you laugh. They will make you cry. They will move you.

Are you ready?

Now wasn't that worth getting up for this morning? Two versions of the same shower curtain in the same bathroom of the same hotel in the same town of the same state!

I understand that you may now be staring at your computer screen in some consternation and puzzlement. You may be asking, "WHY did Becky feel compelled to take (and post) these pictures? Did her 47-year old brain suddenly take a vacation and leave her without wisdom or common sense? Did she actually think that we, her readers, would find these showers curtains interesting? WHAT is going on here?

Well, here's the scoop. We were in a small southern town staying at a hotel that was clean and comfortable but not real fancy. And because it wasn't an extra fancy place, I was especially impressed when I walked into the bathroom and saw the way they "displayed" their shower curtain; I just couldn't resist taking a picture. And then I just sort of FORGOT about taking more pictures of the weekend, since I was sort of stressed out over the concert, and everything.

So although I DID fall down on my job as Official Smith Photographer and Documenter Extraordinaire of the Official Smith Family Sojourn, you are hereby getting the privilege of viewing a creatively arranged shower curtain. Therefore, I don't want to hear any complaining! Or you will go to your room! Do you understand me, young lady? (Oh sorry. I accidentally put on my "mommy hat" there for a minute.)

Okay, enough about shower curtains. Now we move on to miracles!

(Nothing like a smooth segue.)

As you probably remember, I was quite nervous about doing this concert in SC for two reasons. First, Steve and I have not done a full concert together in seven years and secondly, I haven't been able to sing through even one song recently, let alone seven!

It didn't help matters any that I slept poorly on Saturday night (probably because of anxiety) and woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat. (On top of all the already existing vocal cord issues.) As a result, I was not feeling overly perky or positive when we walked into the church to prepare for the service. The way I was feeling, I figured I'd last maybe a song or two and then we would move on to Plan B.

Oh wait.

We didn't HAVE a Plan B. We only had a Plan A. And Plan A was for a certain Becky Smith to sing the whole concert.

And do you know what? I DID sing the whole concert! I sang Every. Single. Song. (Well, except for Steve's solo.)

Now every note I sang wasn't perfect, and I had to grab a few breaths in places that I didn't used to have to breathe, but all in all, my voice stayed amazingly clear and strong all the way through to the end.

Just so you know how incredible that was, earlier last week I was practicing some of the songs and after singing through just two songs, my throat was on fire and my voice was husky and weak. All I could think was, "I am SUCH a goner."

But on Sunday morning, when people were praying for me and I when I was actually up there singing, my voice held out. And it continued to hold out on the 4-hour trip home so that Steve and I could enjoy lots of laughs and conversation on our journey.

So if you were praying for me yesterday--thank you! It was a great morning in many ways and especially wonderful that Steve and I got to do once more what we're gifted to do.

When we got home last night, we enjoyed a quick meal with the kids. And since Sarah hadn't been feeling well, I was especially glad to get home and do my mommy stuff.

I asked her if she and Nathan had gone to church and she said they hadn't. Our church is about 45 minutes away (round trip) and Nathan wasn't thrilled about using his precious supply of gas to make the journey. (Of course, when Steve and I are home, everyone rides with us and uses OUR gas.)

However, Sarah went on to add that Nathan had prepared a Sunday teaching for her using some of his pictures from Israel displaying where David and Goliath had fought. Nathan had a "sermon" all ready, complete with three points about the life of David. Steve and I agreed that we would have loved to have been a little fly on the wall listening to THAT Sunday morning service. And I'm sure it was a Sunday morning service that Sarah will NEVER forget!

So as I close today, let me reiterate my list of thanks: attractively displayed shower curtains, miraculous vocal strength, and sermon-giving nineteen year olds.

A good weekend, indeed.

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MaryH said...

Now wasn't that neat - not the shower curtain - the fact that you completed the concert, have a renewed strength and confidence, got to spend time with your great hubby and returned home to learn that your first born was a minister to his sister - I would have loved to have been a fly on a few walls this weekend - not so much the bathroom with the uniquely displayed shower curtain - so, thanks for sharing that view photographically (is that a word?). So happy for all and for your great weekend. Too much slumber party for Sarah? Hope she has recovered.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you voice held out. :D Hope Sarah is feeling better


Sue G said...

I never doubted for one minute that you would be able to perform because I was positive that God would be able to perform on your behalf. I'm so happy you had this experience and could see first hand just exactly who you ARE instead of who you WERE.

MaryH said...

Amen to that, Sue G. Becky, you need to banish the word "were" or "former" from any further descriptions of what you perceive yourself to be at this time because obviously, you ARE all you strive to be! So, be fierce and strong and determined and go forth and have fun.

Randy and Debbie said...

Sure do love the new pix and colors! I just think you're a beautiful family, inside and out!

I'm very glad the weekend went so well. You went to the edge of your ability and then God stepped in and enabled you to go beyond what you thought was possible. I love it when He does that! I'm proud of you!

Hope Sarah feels better. Is Nathan giving out copies of his sermon outline? :-)

Love, deb

Marysienka said...

I'm sure the concert was GREAT :) Congrats to you and Steve!

By the way, I love the new pics on the blog!


MaryH said...

Like the new look and the photos. Wish I had your talent for graphics on websites, etc. I am clueless.

Anonymous said...

I never doubted for one minute that the concert was not going to be a great one for you both. Well, I was somewhat worried about your vocal cords playing a trick on you, but they didn't, so that is something to celebrate for sure.
I have to say...the shower curtain photo's had me puzzled for a few seconds, but then as I anxiously read on knowing full well that you would have a sensible explanation for that kind of photo, I began laughing. As always, I look forward to your wit.

Pam D said...

Wow.. some shower curtain! (have you ever read "Babe"?). Your photo prowess always wows me. heh.
The voice? Oh, I am SO glad that people were blessed to be able to hear your voice. I tend to look at things from the opposite end; I feel sure that there was someone in that audience that NEEDED to hear you sing. And because God is the original perfector of the "just in time" supply system, there you were, and your voice came along for the ride. After it's been such an amply-stocked item for you, I know it's hard to adapt to Him only having it available when specifically needed, but I see it as something very precious that He doles out in small amounts.
As for Nathan's lesson? I really do wish I could have heard that .. and I find it heartwarming that he would do that for Sarah. What a sweet moment..
love you, my friend.. and your sweet parents, too!

Sue G said...

Knock knock.

Who's there?


Orange Who?

Orange you glad you changed your blog colors?

(Just joining in on the kudos for the new blog look. Very nice.)

Chill said...

This post is not only uplifting, inspiring and quite encouraging but also is a testament to the fact that even the not so fancy of places can still exude an aire of luxurious elegance, even if it is only displayed in the bathroom.
Soooo glad to hear about the concert wish I could have been there. We miss you guys so much. I stole a title from you guys for my post today cause it just fit. Love you guys.

Ann Martin said...

So glad things went well for the concert. God is able and does what we need when we need it. I can imagine Nathan's sermon was just great.
Ann in RR

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