Monday, August 31, 2009

And Their Absence Thereof

At 6:30 am, Steve's hospital pager went off. When he called in, they said someone had just died and the family members were asking for a chaplain. (As a rule, if a family doesn't have a pastor of their own, a chaplain is called.)

Steve was out the door in a jiffy and since he's been gone, I've been sitting here thinking of that family, caught up in death's aftermath.

Birth and death are such universal experiences and both of them so drastically change the lives of those around them. One of the privileges of being a pastor (and a pastor's wife) is that we are invited into those most sacred, painful, intimate parts of a person's life. It's a trust we never take lightly.

And speaking of being a pastor, I would like to thank everyone from our previous church, First Assembly in Smithfield, who sent cards, prayers and compassion after my dad's death. You'll never know how much your love and concern meant.

In yesterday's post, I finished out my series on Dad's funeral and my trip to Wisconsin; this week I'll get going again on regular ol' Smith life. I also have an announcement I'll be making soon concerning Life Transition news.

There's lots of good stuff going on, including the fact that I am planning on getting out of my pajamas today and attempting to face the real world. Hurray for me! Hurray for the real world! Hurray for pajamas!

And their absence, thereof.

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Ann Martin said...

Waiting to hear the news and see what God has in store for the Smith family. Some days are just good pj days (like today with the rain) but I have errands to take care of so shower time is next on the list. I, too, plan to get back to the real world this week and return to my volunteer work tomorrow and Wednesday. It will be good for me but I know Mama will miss my being with her all day. I will still spend time at her house. God bless and enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

Love to hear about God's blessings! How long will you keep us on pins & needles????? :) Ann's right - some days are just plain old good PJ days - like this past Saturday for me! I got to stay in all afternoon & night in my comfy clothes with book(s)& movies & chocolate! It was just too rainy to go out so it was also guilt free! Okay - I did go out in the morning to help my houseguest repair her car at another friend's house. Managed to fix the windshield wiper linkage thingies so she can continue her trip home to Buffalo, NY today. We just call ourselves PMS Auto & take payment in chocolate! Wanna join?!

Love - Guerrina

Sue G said...

As I sit here, clothed, I am considering getting off the computer, putting my jammies back on, and crawling back in to bed. A day of packing yesterday has left my back screaming at me, "Will you EVER be finished with this packing nonsense???" And, sadly, the answer is no because I barely make a dent in it as I go slowly, deliberately, and painfully at it.

And, me, here with no Little Debbie's. I guess a Tootsie Roll Pop or ten will have to do.

Well, can't wait to hear the news. I am just so curious. Don't leave us in suspense too long or we may have to start making things up... telling people you're pregnant.

(Kidding, folks. Geeesh.)

Anonymous said...

Sue, I love your sense of humor!

Ciao! Guerrina

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