Monday, August 31, 2009

An Incentive For Becky's Blogging Buddies

A few months ago, I added a discussion thingie to the sidebar that would enable everyone in our Smithellaneous family to discuss a whole lot of stuff a whole lot more easily. I also polled you and you voted to name the discussion thingie, The Backyard Fence.

If you'll scroll down a little ways, you'll see the discussion widget in the right column. (Something went kapooy in the technical area and "The Backyard Fence" name disappeared. I'm waiting on the hosting company to tell me how to fix the aforementioned kapooyness.)

However, regardless of what it's currently named, the discussion area remains a really great place for all of us at Smithellaneous to ask for prayer, share stories, find new recipes, get advice, give advice and get to know each other better.

In case you're wondering how the Discussion Area differs from the the Comments Area, here is a 3-point lesson. (Being married to a preacher causes me to organize a LOT of my life into 3-points!)

1. The Comment Area (following each blog) is great for those times you want to say something about the particular blog post.

2. The Discussion Area is good for any general dialogue that doesn't necessarily tie into a current post.

3. The other advantage of the discussion area is that it is very easy to go back and find a certain topic from earlier days/weeks. You don't have to scroll through dozens of posts, the way you would if a discussion topic was posted in the Comments Area.

Instead, you just scroll down a short ways and click on "Visit My Community." Or else if you're feeling the creeping onset of a bit of Monday morning laziness, you can always just click right here. (Click on the "Forum" tab and then "Add a discussion" and you'll be good to go!)

See? Easy as 1, 2, 3! (I do love me some rhymes.)

And what sorts of things does a person post on a community discussion board? Here are a few ideas:

Self esteem discussions
Grocery budget tips
Baby's sleeping schedule (or the lack thereof)
Blogging info/questions/problems
Retirement challenges and joys
Favorite quotations
Losing a job
Advice about a cross country move
Child rearing
PC's vs. Macs
Book recommendations
Age appropriate video games
Travel tips
Whether or not you think chocolate is addictive (smile)

Just to get things going again, I've initiated a new discussion that you can access right here.

Traveling/Packing Tips

Just click in and start talkin'!

And in order to give my best blogging buddies the best blogging buddy incentive I can, here's a little deal for you.

For the first first five bloggers who start a discussion, I will post a link to your blog and mention your discussion question in a blog post reserved especially for you. And then you will start getting at least ten thousand hit day just like I do !

And everyone said, "Ha." (Not to mention, "Ha, ha, ha.")

Of course, if you don't have a blog, I'd be truly and terrifically happy to have you start (or participate in) the discussions, as well.


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MaryH said...

Anxiously awaiting the "news." Glad you are feeling more like facing the real world. Remember, those PJ's are always there awaiting for you in case you need a retreat - and that is a good thing too - thought of you this weekend as I purchases ANOTHER box of Lil Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies for my daughter (ummmmm, and me)!