Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Love Being Boring

Tonight will be special.

Tonight I will see the rest of my family for the first time in six days!

As I mentioned earlier, the three of them took off for Charlotte last Saturday so that Steve could preach at a nearby church and he and Nathan could do some painting for Steve's dad. Sarah went along so she could hang out with her grandparents and see her friend, Victoria.

And I stayed home because we all know how much I love my occasional bouts of solitude.

Well, as it turned out, the painting job took longer than expected and they ended up staying longer than they had planned. Which means I have been "home alone" for six days.

Some of you may find this hard to believe, but except for one 30-minute outing to the chiropractor, I have not left the house in six days! Which for me is the next best thing to being in heaven.

And what's even better is that on a couple of those days, it rained. I truly believe that a rainy, solitary day is about as good as it gets.

Snowy, on the other hand, does not love the quiet life as much as I do. I honestly think that he believes I am the world's most boring woman and he is fervently praying in fluffy doggie fashion that his other family members will soon return to our quiescent abode and liven things up a bit.

I admit it. I am boring. I am beyond boring. I am more boring than the definition of the word boring. I am even more boring than the most boring person who has ever personified the word boring has ever even thought about being.

But I love being boring.

I am perfectly happy spending hours and hours alone, doing nothing but reading, napping, watching DVD's, writing on the computer, playing the piano, eating chocolate, puttering around doing little cleaning projects, and watching rain fall.

Can you hear Snowy sighing? Can you see him rolling his eyes? And can you hear him thinking, "BOR-ing?"

In a couple hours though, the house will be filled up once again with Smith noise, which is the best and happiest kind of noise there is. And Snowy will leap from one Smithite to another, jumping in circles, barking, and even smiling, if such a thing is humanly doggedly possible.

And in one snap of one finger, life will suddenly get busy again.

Nathan will be go into work this weekend while Steve, Sarah and I head to the coast for three days. Then a few days after we get back, Nathan will leave for college (sniff, sob, weep), Sarah will have her 14th birthday (hurray!) and I'll start home schooling my sweet and funny cancer survivor.

And after that, who knows? Eventually, we'll be throwing a move to a new town into the mix and then life will get very busy, indeed.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the last few hours of my solitudinous week and being exceptionally happy that Snowy's non-exciting existence will soon be enriched by non-boring people.

And regardless of how busy life becomes, I will always say, "I love being boring."


On another subject, I've been on the phone with several siblings over the past few days and have shed some tears as we make difficult decisions about dad's situation. Thanks so much for your words of concern and continued prayers.

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SuziQCat said...

That sounds absolutely heavenly Becki! I love being boring too!

Catherine said...

Becky, I love boring too! Prayers for your dad, and for how things work out at the interview.

Marysienka said...

I know what you mean, I love moments of solitude like this. In fact, I NEED them. But of course, when the house gets "noisy" again, I appreciate it as well. It's all about balance :)

René S said...

Hey, can I ask what coastal towns? We live in a coastal NC town.

Anonymous said...

I think the three Smiths will make quite a good impression in the interview process. Actually Nathan and smiling Snowy would be the icing on the cake... too bad they are staying home.

You know what? I don't think I've ever had a job interview, which is quite fortunate because I would have been so nervous that I never would have been selected as a teacher. I was lucky to have had good folks who recommended me.

praying for your parents and extended family, too.

mrs pam

Lyndsay said...

I like solitude too... but 6 days might be a bit much for me. I think 3 days would be just about perfect! I have a feeling the Smith's will be facing busy times ahead (new jobs, homes, communities, etc), so it's fabulous that you're able to enjoy this time while it lasts!!

lesley said...

Wow. I am a solitary person also. Love the aloneness. I can't imagine 6 days, how lovely!

Good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, Becky. You are where I was nine days ago. Maybe our Dads can meet in heaven even though they never knew each other on earth. God be with you.
Ann Martin

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