Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Even Ask

23 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Nancy said...

Best. Picture. EVER lol I love you guys

MaryH said...

Oh, come one.....we HAVE to ask! Love the picture - endless possibilities.

Kilgore Kids said...

Ok....Steve is up to something, but what? Love how his huge grin seems to indicate some mischief :)
Mary is right, we have to know now.

Anonymous said...

Somebody say you only had one earring on ?! Great pic! - Guerrina

Melanie said...

Did Steve or Snowy lick you on the side of the face? 'Cause that's the face I'd make if it happened to me.

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's such a funny picture! I love it!

Sue said...

I think somebody just gave you a "wet willie" (wet finger in the ear) - Am I right?

Sue - Toledo

Anonymous said...

how about a bug either flew in your mouth or in your ear?

Snowy, however, doesn't seem to be in on the joke... unless, of course, he was the culprit, and is doing a good job of looking innocent.

mrs pam

krueth said...

I also seem to think you were on the recieving end of a "wet willie" very fun picture anyways

Beverly said...

I have to ask...did Snowy just like your ear?

Great picture!

Pam D said...

or maybe a loud noise? Come ON.. you have to tell!

Anonymous said...

It's gotta have something to do with spit!

Katie said...

It looks like someone either gave you a wet willie or a lick on the face!

Random said...

Instead of asking, I think I'll just resort to "gyahahahahahahaha..."

Anonymous said...

You've never looked more beautiful!!! Must say, this is the best picture I've ever seen of your family.. I've always thought that the candid, unposed pictures show the true spirit of a family!!
Beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Was it a Wet Willie?? Love the picture!!


Nancy said...

I'm with everyone on here! Its a Wet Willie!!!! *giggle*

Karo said...

Did someone get an earful of doggie tongue? LOL

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