Saturday, January 2, 2010

Chilly Air. Messy Hair. A Happy Pair.

Happy 28th anniversary to Steve and me! Here are some pictures from yesterday’s anniversary outing.

As were pulling out of the drive way, we were treated to the sight of this happy foursome bidding us adieu. (Nathan is still dressed in the stuff he slept in which is why he looks so “coldly clad.”


Although my dear husband thought of everything to make this day special, it appears as though he forgot to write on his to-do list, “Order sunny, balmy weather.”


It was about 45 degrees all day with some pretty good wind whipping around. We dressed in layers, put on hats and scarves, cranked up the heater and the seat warmers and did pretty well. Not for the whole trip, mind you, but at least for an hour when I told Steve through chattering teeth that it just might be time to put the top back up!



I must say that I don't know all those lovely stars in movies manage to drive around in a convertible all day and then pop out of the car for dinner with unmussed hair. I guess it would help to have a hairdresser riding in the car behind me, like they do. Ya think?IMG_0181


Here’s the famous Rodanthe house. (Which by the way, a realtor in our church is in the process of selling.) I know there are many other pictures of it on the Internet but I just snapped this one in a hurry while we were driving by.


We eventually made it to our destination—the lovely Cape Hatteras lighthouse. From what we understood, it’s the most widely recognized lighthouse in the country. Steve and I both loved that the base is painted red. Such a zippy color combination.


Steve makes friends where ever he goes, and the lighthouse was no exception.


Another view . . .IMG_0224-1

From the lighthouse, we took a toasty, sun splashed walk on the beach. (Or not.)IMG_0254

IMG_0252 IMG_0261IMG_0237IMG_0226

I must say that it was marvelously invigorating to be buffeted by such a chilly wind! Happily, the fresh air and exercise served to whet our appetites for our evening repast, eaten by a roaring fire . . .IMG_0267

. . . .starting with this crab dip appetizer.IMG_0265

And moving on to this delectable delight.IMG_0272

Our marvelous repast was followed by chocolate chip pie warmed and topped with ice cream (for me) and a coconut chocolate pie for Steve.

We had thought about going to a movie after dinner, but by the time we finished eating, we were both ready to just waddle on home and go straight to our pajamas.

Which we did. Which was a wonderful way to end a wonderful day.

Happy anniversary to a godly, loyal, loving, fun, patient, wacky, handsome husband! IMG_0270

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MaryH said...

Too bad it wasn't at least a sunny day but I am sure the adventure and company made up for the lack of warmth and sun. Your meal looked delicious. Congratulations to both of you on your anniversary - so many years and still so in love - that is something to be treasured.

Anonymous said...

Wish it could have been warmer for you, but I am sure you both had a great time! I loved the pictures and looking at your dinner made me hungry.



PS...I guess I better pack some warm layers for my trip to Myrtle Beach with Chlorita!

lesley said...

Awww-you guys are really cute :)

Sue G said...

Happy Anniversary, Smiths! You make marriage look easy, seem fun, appear exciting, and feel like great love.

What other tricks do you do?


Mamasita said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Ann Martin said...

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple. You appeared to have had a great day and celebration which cannot be equaled. Sorry the weather was not warmer but it is January. The meal looked delicious and wow! what a vehicle. Steve looked right at home driving it.

Pam D said...

So... here's my solution. Have a renewal of your vows (I almost typed "vowels", but considering how much you both love words, it may have been perfectly appropriate) exactly 6 months from your anniversary date, which would be June, which would be perfectly warm and lovely for a top-down drive. And from that time forth, you could do the "outdoor" celebrating on the half-anniversary, and the fancy dinner on the actual date. You did get some very cool pictures (cool as in "neat", but also cool as in "brrrr"). I am using waaaaay too many parentheses here, so I'll wind up by saying "Happy Anniversary to one of the most beautiful couples that I know!" (and many more..............)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Steve! Glad that you had a wonderful day! :)


Love Being A Nonny said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate a wonderful marriage! You look beautiful!!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Awh...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both!! What a WONDERFUL day!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! I looove Colington Cafe. My DH and I haven't been there in years, probably since BC (before children), but our friends who live on the Outer Banks always recommend the best restaurants to us.

Raleigh, NC

Karo said...

Aww, Ms. Becky that was such a sweet idea for Steve to come up with. :) So glad you enjoyed your anniversary. Congratulations!