Monday, December 28, 2009

A Paw Creek Wedding

Twenty-eight years ago this Saturday, Steve and I were married at Paw Creek Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, the church that Steve's family has attended for many years.

And in a nicely-timed turn of events, Paw Creek Presbyterian just happened to be where our family attended service yesterday.

We thought it would be nice to take a picture with the kids too, since they both sort of got their start at that church. (Um. Figuratively of course. Not literally.)

And to make the morning all the more meaningful, this fella also happened to be in town (and at church) at the same time we were. Kris was the soloist for our wedding.

Kris' family has lived next door to Steve's parents for over thirty-five years and have also attended the same church throughout those years. Kris and his charming wife live in Singapore so we don't get to see him very often.

And I thought I'd also include this picture of my hubby, although I'm not entirely sure what he's doing.

It was not only a special Sunday but also a memorable Christmas visit, made all the more lovely by this sight as we pulled away from Steve's parent's house yesterday to head home.

And just one more picture . . .

This is Nathan and his girlfriend Meagan at her college graduation two weeks ago. The reason I'm posting a picture of Meagan sort of "out of the blue" is that tomorrow, she will be coming to Manteo and staying until Sunday. Hooray!

From the Comments Section

Q. Have you read any books by Richard Paul Evans? --Krista

A. Unfortunately, I haven't but I'm always on the lookout for new authors. Thanks for the recommendation!

Q. Just curious....does Steve's church not have a Christmas day service? I think it's great that he and your family were able to travel for the holidays!!!! We're Catholic so Christmas eve and Christmas day are very important holidays. We celebrate with our pastor. I am not familiar with the Christian traditions. Merry Christmas!!!"

A. At our church, we had a candlelight communion service on Wednesday night and then yesterday (Sunday) our regular regular morning service was held, which our church's youth pastor preached at since Steve was out of town.

But no, we really don't have any tradition of having services right on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It sounds like a lovely thing to do, though!

Q. What did you get for Christmas? --Anonymous

A. I got a lovely pocketbook!

And thanks to all of you who shared some of your favorite Christmas gifts; it was so much fun to read about them all.

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Jessica Kramasz said...

Twenty-eight years?! So you must have been 12 when you got married - you surely don't look old enough to have been married so long!
Happy Anniversary!

Katrina said...

I think Becky was 17 when she was married . Wait I can't remember such things anyway, I am happy to hear that you had a great Christmas, what did Sarah get for Christmas? And happy anniversay :)

Beverly said...

Happy anniversary! It's so much fun to see "old" wedding pictures and try and decide who the children look like...

Congrats to Meghan too!

Jesse Price family said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I just got back from celebrating Christmas with my family last night catching up on some of the blogs I read when I looked at yours and said... "Paw Creek, how many could there be?" Ha you see I was raised in Mt. Holly and most of my family is still there. When you have made reference to Charlotte before I just assumed it was the other side of Charlotte. Do you have any family in Mt. Holly?

Anonymous said...

fun pictures! Happy belated anniversary!

Guess whose books I've been reading over Christmas vacation... Richard Paul Evans. I'm on my fifth book
(three previously read.) He lives in Utah, and my first Pen Pal family sends me an autograph book each year.
Don't know if I'll get one this year, or not. but, sure hope so.

mrs pam

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