Saturday, December 26, 2009

Old Movies. New Memories.

That was the cartoon that Steve's mom showed Nathan when he rolled out of bed (or actually rolled off the couch) yesterday morning at about 11 am. He thought it was pretty funny.

A few more scenes from Christmas Day . . .

Sarah setting the table with Grandpa Smith

Snowy set up camp right smack dab in the middle of the kitchen so as not to miss any little pieces of turkey or ham that were dropped.

When we went down to the rec room in the basement after Christmas lunch to open gifts, Snowy got the happy opportunity to lick out the bottoms of two cups of eggnog. (This is Steve's younger brother, Dana.)

Steve with his brother Jeff and their dad.

Steve asked for (and received) a tool belt. Here he is displaying just how very big the tool belt is.

Sarah figured she'd try it, too.

Since Ken is a retired Air Force fighter pilot, he got a big kick out of receiving an airplane made from recycled Coke cans.

After Christmas Dinner, gift opening and (most importantly--naps!) we took a trip down memory lane when Steve's dad broke out the ancient film projector and showed us movies of when Steve was young. The film footage moved from Norway to Denmark to England to New Mexico to Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Nathan and Sarah were quite fascinated to see their Dad (and their grandparents) in their younger years.

Snowy and I--full of good food and contentment.


From the Comment section:

Georganna asked what we all got for Christmas.

Nathan's main gift was a set of ski poles from his grandparents, Sarah got a couple video games she was really wanting, as well as a few things from Aeropostale. I gave Steve the complete set of Sherlock Holmes episodes on DVD (he LOVES Sherlock Holmes) and he gave me a Miche purse and a couple shells. (You change the outside color/design of the purse by attaching different "shells.")

Would anyone like to share your favorite Christmas gift in the comments section? We'd love to hear about it!

Redeemed1 asked if that is our old furniture in the new house.

Yes it is! The only thing we had to buy new were the drapes for the living room. It took some creativity to make everything fit with the pillars in the room, but we are quite happy with the way it turned out.

Not having to buy new furniture is a wonderful thing, indeed!

15 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

my favorite present ... that's a hard one.
Sure have been enjoying the homemade cookies that I got. Actually, I've opened only a few presents since I really love to just look at them under the tree. I open about one a day until I don't have any more to look at.

Oh, I did get a GREAT hippo ornament that sings
"I want a hippopotamus for Christmas".... you know, that's my favorite Zoo animal (dogs being #1 for domesticated ... with Snowy being near the top of the list... and btw you both look great in/next to that gorgeous red sweater)

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

My best gift was spending the day with my son. We were supposed to have a couple of guests over for dinner, but they came down sick, so it was just Andrew and I. Then we curled up on the couch and watched a movie together. That, I think, was his gift to me since he is out of work. Time with son? Priceless.

Buon Natale - Guerrina

jennifer said...

Merry Christmas!

My husband and I have been married for 17 years and still had the garage sale kitchen table and chairs we'd bought when we were young and broke. The chairs had horses and old west wagons on them. Enough said! For Christmas we bought ourselves a new set and I am thrilled!

Anonymous said...

My greatest gift was finding out we are having another grandchild coming in August...and we already have another one coming in May. So 2010 will bring our grandchildren count to 6!! Just doesn't get any better than that :)

Anonymous said...

Just curious....does Steve's church not have a Christmas day service? I think it's great that he and your family were able to travel for the holidays!!!! We've Catholic so Christmas eve and Christmas day are very important holidays!!!
We celebrate with our pastor.
I am not familiar with the Christian traditions.

Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

We have a small condominium in Wintergreen resort in Virginia. One of my son's is working in Park City Utah for the holidays and could not be with us. However, my four other children, aging from 18 to 24 were with us in Wintergreen. The deal was they would ski and snow board. There was a major snowstorm where they had 36 inches. However it poured Christmas day...Notwithstanding the rain, we had a blast hanging with each other in the small space. Best Christmas ever!!! Not quite perfect but it would have been if my son Vince (working in Utah) had been there!!! The best Christmas present ever!!!!

Anonymous said...

I received two sets of twin fleece sheet sets from my sister and her husband. She said it was like sleeping on a marshmallow! I cannot wait to try them!

Anonymous said...

As usual, my parents spoiled me again this Christmas. I got a few things for my kitchen, a sweater and a grill. I live in an apartment, so I got a little grill...can't wait to use it.

My parents live in Grand Forks, ND...where there is 25.1 inches of snow on the ground. We were literally "snowed in" yesterday. Everyone was out shoveling and snowblowing today. There is A LOT of snow out there! But, I am thankful my sister and I made it up here to be with my parents.

My mom got "The Christmas List" by Richard Paul Evans and I read it all today. It was a GREAT book! I am now onto "The Gift". Have you read his books, Becky? They are good!

I'm glad you are able to spend your time with family, too.

Blessings to you all,
Boise, ID

amysahoot said...

My seven year old bought me a snuggie a lot of people think they are quite odd, but I too am odd and it is my favorite gift.

Anonymous said...

my favorite present was getting to spend the Christmas holiday at HOME and not in the hospital this year...

The Ipod touch (which I had been admiring for months but didn't say anything about because I felt it was far too expensive to purchase) I received from my Mom & Dad is fabulous (they said they knew I had fallen for it the first time I saw it in the shop and that "the look in your eyes said it all - no words were necessary") as is the GIANT book of quotations, a collection of Maya Angelou's short stories, and some DVDs :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm, Becky, I noticed that you mentioned what everyone got for Christmas EXCEPT what you received . . . so, what DID you get?

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