Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nathan and Tree Decorating

We had a great night cooking and decorating the tree last evening. It was so special having Nathan back among us. You can tell that he has gotten a lot more serious and mature since the last time we saw him.

The Smith Men were helped by the Smith Doggie in their cooking tasks. (Although I can assure you that Snowy's interest was not altogether altruistic!)

I'll have more picture to post later but here is my favorite one of the night.

We're leaving the house in a few moments for our candlelight communion service, then we'll come back home and open our gifts. Tomorrow morning we'll head out for the 6-7 hour trip to Charlotte and come home late Sunday evening.

More later . . .

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Pam D said...

The tree is gorgeous! You did it.. you really did. Whew.. I hope you've rewarded yourself with a nice, long bubble bath (or ten....). Gosh, Nathan is so tall now, and Snowy is still his helpful little self, even after his medical trauma. Merry Christmas, sweet Smith family... I know you'll enjoy every second!

Ann Martin said...

Merry Christmas. We are having our Candlelight, Carols, and Communion service Christmas Eve. Looking forward to more pictures. Praying for safety on the highway for you and your vehicle. Enjoy! Thought of you today when I went into the church office to do the bulletin for Sunday. There was a 40 oz. box of Whitman Sampler on the desk from the Pastor's wife for all to enjoy. It looked huge and I did enjoy some of it! Better enjoy it now because after January 1 it is weight be gone time.

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