Monday, December 21, 2009

He Was Holding My Hand

Yesterday morning as our music team was getting ready to rehearse, Terry, one of our singers, told us a story.

She works at the church's daycare and last Thursday morning, she was sitting in the sanctuary beside the children as they prepared to put on a Christmas program program for their parents.

Terry was sitting beside a particular girl (I'll call her Maggie) who had a speaking part in the program. A few minutes before the program was to begin, Maggie leaned over and confided worriedly, "Miss Terry, I'm afraid to go up on the platform. I don't think I can do my part."

Terry said, "You'll be fine, honey. Miss Sharal will be kneeling behind you on the platform and she'll help you if you forget the words."

Maggie said, "I'm still afraid. I don't want to do it."

Terry said, "Let's pray together and ask Jesus to be with you and to help you not be afraid."

They bowed their heads together and prayed and Maggie went up and did her part perfectly.

When the program was over, the parents and children went into the fellowship hall for a Birthday Party for Jesus, complete with snacks and a birthday cake. After the parents had finally left the bulding, one of the other little girls said to Maggie, "Well, it was a nice party for Jesus and everything but it was too bad he wasn't here."

Maggie responded, "Oh, but Jesus WAS here! He was holding my hand."

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Sarah said...

Awwww...that is such a sweet story!

Sue G said...

Okay, here come the tears...tears of joy that one so little could be so wise and so open.

And, so, each of must come to Him as little children, open, full of hope and awe and wonder that He will perform what He has promised, that He will be with us all the time, that He will help us through our challenges and our joys and our today and tomorrow and forever.

So, now, I will go start my very busy day, knowing that although my body is swollen from edema and I will be on my feet most of this week cooking and preparing...

assured that Jesus will be with me, holding my hand.

What a wonderful way to start the day.

Jennifer said...

Oops! I posted a comment on your previous entry that I meant to post on this one! Oh well, you'll figure it out I hope!! :)

Anonymous said...

well, that got me teary.....

sometimes when I'm driving, and talking to God, I just reach over to the passenger side, and pretend that Jesus is holding my hand. maybe a little
"'Maggie'-faith" is in order.....

mrs pam

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