Friday, December 25, 2009

A Mistletoe Season Missive of a Money Monkey Missile from Manteo

Since I figured that everyone else would be blogging about Christmas and mistletoe-related topics today, I thought I’d better follow suit and somehow incorporate mistletoe into my writing as well. Hence, the word “mistletoe” in the title of the blog. Which has nothing to do with blog itself. (Just thought I’d make that nice and clear.)

So here’s the non-mistletoe related story . . .

A few weeks ago, Steve and Sarah were rummaging around in the Manteo Ace Hardware store when they came upon a little stuffed monkey toy being “demonstrated.” (A “live video” demonstration by Nathan can be found further down the page.)

Steve and Sarah were immediately hooked on the plucky little fella and thought that the Money Monkey would make a great Christmas present for The College Dude.

Well, actually, just to make myself clear--when they bought the Money Monkey it was not yet technically, a Money Monkey. It was technically a Money-less Monkey.

However. When I was wrapping Sir Money-less Monkey, it suddenly occurred to me that we had spent fifteen dollars less on Nathan than our Initial Parental Budgetary Plan had allowed for. And so I decided to turn the Plain Ol’ Monkey into . . . wait for it . . .a Money Monkey. (I know. I know. My creative naming skills are unsurpassed.)

In order to transform the Money-less Monkey into the Money Monkey, I tucked five dollars into several places uponst the Money Monkey’s person.IMG_0115

I then set myself to wrap the monkey in the most tacky fashion possible. I think I succeeded.IMG_0118

Here is a picture of Nathan meeting the Money Monkey for the first time. Aren’t they so cute together?IMG_0153


And now, as promised, I present to you the live demonstration of what the Money Monkey from Manteo does when it is being used in the missile-esque way it was intended. Life doesn’t get much more entertaining than this. (I'm not sure why the video is sidewise but you still get the general idea of the Manteo Money Monkey's massively entertaining capabilities. And in case you can't see real clearly what's going on, the monkey "slingshots" across the deck emitting loud, moneky-esque cries.)

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Katrina said...

Oh what a entry which made me smile. Merry Christmas. :) I loved the picture :)

Anonymous said...

not too sure what that monkey was doing...
sorta Wizard-of-Ozish!

I liked Nathan's smile, though, when he opened it.

mrs pam

Sue G said...

Well, okay. This makes me want to delve into the collective psyche of Steve and Sarah to extrapolate the exact synapse firings that resulted in the purchase of that monkey.

And at Ace Hardware, too, huh?

Who knew?

amysahoot said...

I love Nathan's monkey, I have a pink one that does the same thing. I hope you guys had a very good Christmas.

Georganna said...

Becky what did everybody got for christmas?