Friday, April 16, 2010

Checkin' Back In

Well, I have some relatively good medical news to report, for a change. The pulmonologist said that although I am still at 60% lung function (which is not great) he is pleased, nonetheless, that I have not lost any ground in the past year. And what's even better, I have held steady (or close to it) for about the last 2-3 years.

He said if a COPD patient is able to hold steady for that long, the chances of them having marked decrease in function down the road go way down. In fact, he was even saying that my chances of needing a lung transplant any time soon are not even worth considering.

So I was very, every encouraged! (Even though I did get all teary-eyed telling him about my upcoming surgery. Sigh.) Concerning that surgery, he did tell me it would be important to let the anesthesiologist know about my diminished lung capacity, just so that he or she is aware and can take necessary precautions.

So even though it doesn't seem like someone with 60% lung capacity should feel very rejoicy-y, I am very, very thankful for today's report.

And now on to other business . . .

Over the past few days, a number of you have left comments, asking what practical things you can do to help us during this very challenging and stressful season of our lives.

I really hesitate to even respond because I know that so many people are having difficulties. But I also know that there are people out there who love to help and to give and I certainly don't want to ignore these very gracious requests!

So if you're wanting to help, we could use the following kinds of gift cards:
  • gas stations (Shell or BP) Our travel expenses have been crazy lately.
  • grocery stores (Harris Teeter or Food Lion)
  • restaurants (Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Subway, KFC, or Applebee's are the ones nearest us.)
Of course, after a year of us both being unemployed ,having paid double house payments for the past six months, in addition to my medical bills and a kid in college, "regular ol' money" is always appreciated, as well. If you use PayPal, we have an account. The email address to log into is

Our mailing address is:

127 Raleigh Wood Dr.
Manteo, NC 27954

Although I hesitate to mention our needs, I have come to find out that you Smithellaneous folks have hearts of gold and are incredibly compassionate and caring. At a time like this, our family is very grateful for people like you. Thanks to each of you who have prayed, left comments,
e-mailed or sent things in the mail. (Some fabulous truffles arrived just today!)

And now I'm off to an early bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be crazy busy (we're having 10 people over a potluck dinner) and Sunday after the morning service, Steve and I will leave for our brief vacation before this life-altering surgery next Friday.

So I will sign off tonight with thanksgiving--thanksgiving for a good pulmonology report and thanksgiving for readers and friends like you who are walking beside us through these tough times and reminding us in a hundred ways that we are going to make it.

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Kaye Joyce said...

Just wanted you to know...I can't do any monetary help in any way right now..but I can do a whole lot of heavy duty praying. I wish I could do more. It breaks my heart that you are having to go through this after all you have been through before. God be with you and know you are in my thoughts and prayers every day!
Love you oodles!!!

lesley said...

You ARE going to make it and it's gonna be just fine. I am so happy that your lung function is stable Yahoo!
Enjoy your vacation!!!!

Anonymous said...

That's great news! I'm sure this takes at least a tiny bit of the load that you're carrying off your shoulders. We'll be praying for you all this week!

Gayle in AL

Jenna said...

Hi Becky,
Thanks so much for the encouraging comment that you left on my blog. I got it right when I needed encouragement!

Praying for you,

Nancy said...

I sure wish I could give you monetary help, but we are barely making it as is. What I can offer tho is my heart, prayers and love. I wish there was something more I could do. So I pray

Anonymous said...

That is great news about the COPD!

Quick question, what happened to the dates on the top of your entries?

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