Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Potato, Two Potato . . .

Here is a view of my plate from dinner last night.

Baked potato, apple slice, fresh corn, peas, rosemary yeast roll, tomato slice, and grilled fresh tuna. (Given to us by a local fisherman.) I just love all the flavors and colors of summer.


I also love looking around the table and noting all the interesting food-related stuff. For instance, the difference between Steve’s and my “potato cutting” is fascinating. To me at least. (Remember? I don’t get out much.)

When I get ready to eat a potato, I take a fork, make a little tattoo all the way around the middle part of the potato and then open it in half, like opening a book.


Steve, on the other hand, does the whole “crisscross cut thing” through the top which to me, looks more elegant than my “splayed out way.”


And Sarah? Well, let’s just say that Sarah does the “flinging open the potato regardless of appearance” treatment. (And don’t worry--she was going to have meat too. It just hadn’t made it to her plate yet.) Also please note the TWO rolls on her plate. That girl loves bread!


I guess I never realized there were so many potato “schools of thought.”

Have I missed any ways of opening a potato? If you have your own personal way of dong it, do tell!


A couple nights ago, Sarah and I went to see Letters to Juliet at our local theater downtown.


Such a lovely movie and especially nice to see it at a theater that has been around for such a long while. (I believe it’s been in operation since 1918 and in downtown Manteo for over fifty years.)

However, I’m sorry to have to report that just recently, the Pioneer Theater raised their popcorn prices and now we have to pay (prepare yourself) a whole dollar for popcorn. A dollar! Can you believe it? A whole, entire dollar? What is this world coming to?

And then you have to shell out $5 to even get in the door! Five dollars? That's highway robbery! I mean I can drive to the multi screen cinema up the beach and pay $9 to get in and at least $10 for snacks so why in the world would I want to stay in Manteo and go to the quaint, lovely, historic Pioneer Theater and pay just $1 for popcorn?

Why indeed?

I just love small town life.


And since I’m on the subject of Manteo, Jodi left a comment asking how the name of the town is pronounced. As best as I can tell, the natives pronounce it without the “t” or else with just a very soft “t.” It’s kind of like, “MAN-e-oh.”

Got that? There will be quiz!

No go eat some fresh sweet corn already!

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Anonymous said...

Was I right then, Becky? I think that's what I said. But now I can't remember. Today I am lucky that I can spell me name right. So, check my work and make sure I got it right. Thanks.


Ann Martin said...

My potato looks more like Sarah's. I just squeeze it to "pop" it open and then put butter and sour cream and take the fork to mix it up. Your plate looked delightful. I have to get back into trying to figure out what to cook. I usually try to cook Mon, Tues, and Wed at least and after that anything goes. Enjoy! We do not have a garden as Daddy always did that so now I have to go buy the veggies if I want to cook some. My cousin gave us some squash last week and I cooked it--so good.

Jan R. said...

Popcorn for a DOLLAR?!?!
here in the big city of Los Angeles - they rip you off..
it's $12 to get into the movie theatre and then $6 for popcorn and $4.50 for a soda.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED that movie! My hubby and I went to Italy in 2005 (has it been that long??)....Siena was one of our favorite tuscan towns that we spent time in and this movie had a lot of Siena in it..We are now planning a trip back there maybe next year instead of our 2 week trip to OBX...just because seeing the movie made us long for it so much. The actors were perfect also...and I loved V. Redgrave...such a beautiful woman.
Anyway, I use my fork to poke a few pokes in the top of my potato, then take both hands and "push" the ends together to make the top "pop" open...then add my butter/sour cream... :)
And yes, it is "Man-e-o"!
Loved the pics of Sarah's graduation..

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the theater on one visit a few years ago. I have two very large theaters less than 5 miles away - right across the street from each other - and I'd pick yours any day!

And I knew how to pronounce your town, but had to go look up Wanchese.

Have you run into Andy Griffeth yet? :-)

Anonymous said...

I cut my baked potato the same way that Steve does. I envy you eating that fresh tuna, but you know how much I love fish. Looking forward to some of that when I fly back to your lovely state a month from today! Chlorita might just get a little upset when we have to go to the store every single day for fresh fish, but she will get over it once it is time to eat. Remember she doesn't cook.

Cindy from Sonoma

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