Thursday, June 17, 2010

What’s That?

Last night after church, refreshments were served in the fellowship hall.  Steve and I were mingling, chatting with our wonderful folks, and enjoying the hum of laughter and conversation buzzing around the room.

At one point in the evening, Steve came face to face with a little girl who was about seven years old.   She was a fairly studious, quietly observant child and she just stood there very still, peering at him quizzically, not saying a word.

As he waited to see if she was going to say anything, he saw that her intense scrutiny had zeroed in on his “slightly expanded middle section.”  And remained there for a while.

At last, she slowly reached out her little hand and patted Steve’s stomach.  And then she looked up at him and inquired with the greatest of innocence,  “What’s that?” 

Steve was still laughing about it when he got home last night and started laughing about it again when he woke up this morning.

He said he was tempted to answer, “That, my dear, is popcorn, jelly beans and ice cream.”

But he didn’t.

I’m just glad the inquisitive child ran into him before running into me! We women don’t take those kinds of questions with quite the same equanimity as men, do we?  (Well, at least I don’t.)

I hope your day gives you many reasons to smile!

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Shannon said...

Thanks for the smile!!
Have a great day!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

That's FUNNY!!! Thanks for a little Thursday..mid-morning humor.

Hope you have a wonderful day..and continue to feel better..each day?

Karo said...

That's so funny! I love the way kids just say what's on their minds. At least most of the time I love it!

Lizz said...

That is so funny! I think I would have laughed too! I had a 4 year old tell me the other day I have a very big belly! I know I do so I have gotten used to laughing at myself about it just so I don't cry about it! I really need to get to the gym more! I wish I could afford a tummy tuck!
Thanks for the laugh!

Nancy(bratt) said...

I hope you dont mind me resending htis message. Stefanie, kindly helped me, but I was just wondering: Becky
I have a question for you. Actually its about your port. Well, as you know I have had many central lines, both PICCline and Groshong. Right now I still have my Groshong in my chest, and even after 4 dealings with sepsis line infections, we were able to save the line. Well, what I wanted to ask you is, is your port a central line? If it is, do you have the same dangers of line infections like me? Is the port going to be taken out when you are through with Saline? Or will it stay. The reason I ask is very personal, and I just wanted to ask you.
Love and hugs

Krista Labrensz said...

I have spent the last bit catching up on your blog. Since getting married and moving to Bismarck, I have been a wee bit busy (I now have 3 step children and a home to take care of!) I love reading your blog and it even inspired me to start one of my own. A friend in Boise suggested I start one so I can let everyone know how I'm faring in my 'new life.'

I'm glad to read everyone is doing well. I will pray that Nathan finds a job so very soon. I will also continue to pray that your 'reconstruction' goes well and with minimal pain.

By the way, my youngest stepson, Ben lifts his shirt all the time and we have to tickle his 'cheeseburgers' He is funny. It's funny that you posted this today while I was catching up.

Stay strong and keep your head up.

Blessings from Bismarck,

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