Friday, June 11, 2010

The Shorn Snowy Saga Continues

Sarah and I were both quite touched by everyone signing in and being sympathetic to our poor, shorn doggy's plight. You all are so sweet and Snowy sends his most sincere, doggie thanks.

The other thing we hadn't considered with this hair cut is that even in the middle of the summer, he's cold all the time. Just being in a house with the a.c. set at 72, we've still had to wrap him up a little bit in order to be his "substitute" fur. Poor little guy.

Also, a couple of you mentioned a recent post that I just written about Snowy being groomed and wondered why he had to be groomed so often.

Well, that answer will reveal to you the "scheduling life" of a blogger. Sometimes I set a bunch of pictures aside and just hold on to them until I come to a day when I don't have anything current to write about; then I grab those pictures (or a story I've kept in mind) and make those into a post.

And that was the case with the most recent grooming pictures; they had been languishing in my "kept aside" photo bin for quite a while. We actually try to keep his grooming appointments to just three or four times a year, just because he's such an expensive little fella. However, the way he looks now, we may get by for a decade or two before he has to be groomed again. There's always a bright side!

In the meantime he's snuggled in beside me, pressed up against my leg, trying desperately to stay warm. And probably also trying desperately to dream of the days when he was both cute and fluffy.

Now he's cute and non-fluffy. But we love him just the same!

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Jan Reynolds said...

I was crying I was laughing so hard last night as I looked at those pictures. Having a shih-tzu myself.. we have had issues with groomers! I love his ears the most!

Haven't posted in awhile, but know I was praying for you though your surgery and recovery. Never miss your blog...never!

bearie1 said...

Mostly dogs like Snowy have to be groomed "so often" to protect their eyes. When the hair around their eyes gets too long it can lead to a condition called dry eye which results in having to put drops in their eyes. Elaine

MaryH said...

Awwww...Snowy....You are still the cutest little white fluffy dog EVER - because your cute white fluffiness does not come from your hair - it comes from the gentlest, kindest little doggie heart I have ever seen. So, yes, it will grow - not fast enough - so bundle up for the chilly summer days and know that your beauty comes from within. You still are cute on the outside too, Snowy...seriously, look at that face!!! Sorry, I didn't see the post yesterday.

MaryH said...

P.S. Does Snowy have a doggie sweater? They have some cute ones at the Dollar Store here - or a little baby t-shirt would work for him - I have had to do that with my Greyhound in the winter - well, not a baby t-shirt, actually one of my bigger old sweatshirts. Just a thought so he doesn't get too cold and embarrassed.

Becky, UK said...

Oh no, he's still cute and fluffy, just in a very (VERY) short furred kind of way :)! Poor Snowy, he certainly looks sorry for himself!

Anonymous said...

Poor Snowy. Despite him looking a bit different just let him know he is doing his part to help the family in the hard economic times. He will understand that he needs to do his part. He's still the cute, little dog he used to be. And because he won't need another hair cut for at least a year he can have a few extra treats since you won't be paying for the groomer.

Way to go, Sarah. On to Manteo HS in the fall. You should be so proud of yourself.

By the way, how do you pronounce Manteo? Someone told me it was MAN-E-O that the "T" is silent. Since you are now one of them, how do you say it?

Love, Jodi