Monday, June 7, 2010

Three Down. One To Go.

Just got back from my expander-filling appointment.

Ouch. Yuck. Ug. (And any other one-syllable words denoting unpleasantness that you can think of.)

Steve had to call the pharmacy to see what I could take for pain in addition to what I'm already taking. Hopefully that will make a difference in my discomfort level.

And since my aching self doesn't feel up to making dinner, we are using a Subway gift card sent to us after my surgery. I've been saving it up for a much needed time and tonight is it! Steve and Sarah have just left to make the sandwich selections (we'll provide our own drinks, chips and desserts to make the card stretch for several more meals) while I stay at home and moan and groan. Piteously. Not to mention pitifully.

And since I'm on the subject, Nancy asked if I had the choice of whether or not to have the saline fillings. Yes, since I chose to do reconstruction, the saline fillings are part of that process. (There is another kind of reconstruction done at the same time as the mastectomy, taking tissue from the abdominal area to create breasts; I opted for the implants instead.)

She also asked how long the pain lasts. Fortunately, it's less than 24-hours or so, and then I feel pretty much back to normal.

And the really good news? Next week is my last filling! I will "top out" at 300 cc's and then I have to wait for three months before I can have the surgery to replace the expanders with permanent implants. (Which I'm sure will be loads of fun.)

So that's the news from here. And now it's off to nosh on some sandwiches and go to bed early.

With a book. And pain killers. (Not necessarily in that order.)

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beckym said...

well atleast there is just one more time and then a break before the big one....and im sure it beats any about of radiation sessions....very glad it only last about 24hr and then it's all good again.

Anonymous said...

Love the black and white pic of Sarah, it came out perfectly! Hoping you feel better soon, I can't imagine how 'strange' all of that must feel. Both of my girls are on their way, a few bumps in the road but generally heading in the right direction. Be gentle with yourself -

Jean C.

randybethmo said... laughing at Snowy... Every time you cuddle and pet him, just say, "it does grow back!" :) We are looking for a groomer for our Shih tzu, Lucy. She has been rather sick lately and the normal groomer doesn't want to groom her because of her extreme weight loss... so now you have us on the look out!!!

Grow Snowy, Grow! :)