Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blog. From A Bathroom.

From this particular angle everything about today’s blog writing looks pretty normal-ish, doesn’t it?


However, in this picture, we move from normal-ish to a little bit odd-ish.

Yes, it’s true. I really am writing this blog from a bathroom. Sitting on a chair that is usually in the bedroom. Hovered over by yet another chair that is supposed to be in the bedroom but has now taken up residence (propped upside down on the bathtub) in the bathroom with me.


I even made a footstool out of a magazine rack and a bed pillow. I am so content and comfortable, I may never leave this room again! (Well, maybe to get a Little Debbie snack cake.)


Usually when I blog, Snowy comes and finds me and tucks in beside my leg for as long as I sit and write. He is of the considered opinion that the Smithellaneous blog could not possibly exist without his masterful writing and editorial assistance.

However. This morning when it was time to write, he came looking for me. And found me. And gave me this look. Which made me laugh out loud.


Then he looked off into the distance as though he were thinking, “If I just rest my eyes for a moment, the horrible vision of my Mom writing in the bathroom will go away.”


However, when he looked back. I was still there.


Yes. Here.


And so he thought he should move in a little closer in order to investigate the troubling matter further. And to show his great and grave canine-ical concern


He said, “Mom, is everything alright? Is there some reason you have moved your blog writing from Nathan’s room to the bathroom? You can tell me. It’s okay. I’m here for you.”


I told him my reasons. He pondered them for a moment.


Then he sighed loudly, made a mental note to make some changes in any future writing contracts concerning having to do bathroom work, and resignedly crawled up beside me to ponder the depths to which he had fallen in his career. Poor silly doggy.


And since I’m already on the subject of bathrooms, let me regale you with a few more bathroom pictures. (I know, I know. You’re so happy you stopped by here today.)

Here is what the bathroom looked like Wednesday night when Steve was still painting in our bedroom. Bedside lamps, decorative tables, sitting chairs—they were all piled in there.





I, of course, found plenty of photographic fodder in the mess, including taking this shot of myself and the lamps reflected in the mirror.


And today? Well, today, Steve and a guy from the church are painting in Nathan’s room and using the office for a staging room for all their paint stuff. And since our bedroom is still rather torn apart, that is the reason I made the executive decision to retreat to the bathroom to do my writing.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


Next up . . . .

Pictures of the before and after bedroom paint job.

Also, comments on your comments.

Signing off from . . . er . . . the bathroom.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the before and after pictures!

Cindy from Sonoma

MaryH said...

I have so enjoyed the many posts that have included Snowy and his recent adventures. I love his facial expressions. I, also, am anxiously awaiting the before and after pictures as I am sure you are because "after" means getting the clutter uncluttered and returned to its rightful spot.

Kelly Dunn said...

I'm just you always have a camera in your hand? I'm amazed at how you have pictures for all your blogs!

Lisa said...

I do hae to laugh out loud. I have 6 moing boxes in my new HUGE bathroom. I have no real plans to tackle them yet. I can reach the important bathroom applience, and there is another full bath in the house so no need to hurry at this point. I can close a door and hide those boxes. I need to unpack the family room and den...wish me luck I hate packing and unpacking even more.......