Friday, July 30, 2010


I don’t have time for a long blog today but here are a few pictures from our family trek to Home Depot last night. 

Since this blog is being written from a bathroom this week, the first picture is especially appropriate.  A guy with toilet plungers on his head?  Whose name is John?  How funny is that?


As we were leaving the store, I came around a corner and saw two very strange people.  Doing very strange things.   Of course,  I took their picture so that I could, um, show it to my family when I got home.


On the way home from our exciting journey, we splurged on ice cream at McDonalds. Since Snowy used to get treats at our old bank in Smithfield, he was quite convinced that the lady at the window had a doggie snack for him. 

She didn’t.   He’s still getting over it.


Have a great day!

6 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

You always make me laugh Becky!

I'll looking forward to seeing the updated final projects. You go girl...or should I say...'you go Steve?"


lesley said...

I never saw plungers like that before! I need to get out more...

Anonymous said...

Snowy would have a great time up here - McDonalds gives out doggy treats along with our bank and the coffee drive-through! =] L.

becky m said...

and i think the lady at mc donalds is still getting over the flash as she handed over the ice cream lol.

Catherine said...

That husband of yours! I know he'll be borrowing that idea as soon as the occasion allows!

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