Monday, August 23, 2010

Does This Look Like Love To You?

Yes, this.

This little switch on this little cable. Does it look anything like love to you?


To me? It looks like love.

Because to me, the longer I’m married, the more I discover that Love shows up in many forms and permutations and disguises. And this little ol’ switch is one of them.

Because when you have a bedside lamp that is this tall . . .


. . .and you’re lying on your bed waaaay down below. And you’re reading. And you have new stitches and new surgical owies. And you can’t reach up high enough to get to the switch on the very tall lamp beside your bed. And you get frustrated because it’s hard to nap with the lamp on. But it’s also hard to read with the lamp off.

Well, that’s when you need Love to show up.

In my particular case, Love took the form of my hubby going to Ace Hardware and purchasing the switch to install on the lamp cord so that I could control the lamp by simply reaching over. And not stretching at all.

And every time I’ve turned the lamp on or off over the course of this week of recovery, I’ve been reminded again of what Love looks like.

Thanks, Honey, for all the big and small ways you show me love.


Today, I’ll be on the road to my plastic surgeon for my post-op visit. I’m hoping that he will clear me to take a shower and at least give me a little bit of a break from the horrible girdle bra I’ve been wearing
24-hours a day. Ug.

I’ll let you know how things go!

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Jan said...

Good luck with your endeavor to become girdle-bra-free! My prayers are with you as you travel and get your report card on your recovery.

Shannon said...


I know I have the correct day, because we share the day! (I've had the day a bit longer than you have, wink wink, but am happy to share it with you!)

Hope you have a wonderful day and yummy cake with ice cream!!!!

Ann Martin said...

Hope you get some good news today and then get to celebrate a certain young lady's birthday. May the day be great for all. Any thrift store visits on the road trip today? God bless.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that lamp switch definitely bears the unmistakable marks of love. I'm very thankful that you have such a good husband.

So glad you're making good time down the road of recovery--I'm proud of you!

Love, Deb

SuperSuz said...

Oh no! I forgot to wish Sarah a very happy birthday yesterday so now I'll just wish her a very happy, day-after-the-birthday, day! I hope it was wonderful!

Becky, I hope your doctor's appt. went well yesterday and that you have gotten rid of the girdle bra!

WIshing you all a lifetime of love and laughter and TONS more birthdays!


MaryH said...

Hope things went well yesterday and that you are free of the "bra girdle." I also hope Sarah and her whole family enjoyed her birtday - I am a day late with my wishes and I apologize. I left a message on Sarah's spot - hope she sees it. I can't believe how grown up she is and what a blessing you have in that beautiful young lady. Take care and get better quickly, Becky

LizW said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Sarah! Hope all goes well at the doctor today, Becky. Safe travels!